Hot girl IrisXiao is the main character in our story this time. She has experienced a hard time, especially after her hot video with boyfriend - a popular YouTuber - was leaked for some reason. However, instead of receiving a ton of criticisms like many others, this hot girl still gained countless support and encouragement from her fans.

Hot Girl

Accordingly, their love story began when Iris became a guest in a dating show that was conducted by the YouTuber. They have drawn lots of support from the netizens until the intimate video was leaked. Both the two main characters and the netizens can’t probably believe in their eyes. And there were also many mixed opinions about this incident.

Hot Video
The image the couple first met each other and a part of the leaked video.

In the beginning, the hot girl felt distressed but luck might not give up her. Instead of negative criticisms, Iris still received huge support from her fans and the online community. And then, she decided to share her story, as well as fans’ warm words, on her private page. It was her openness that helps her win the hearts of the netizens.

Iris 2

After this incident, the hot girl has gradually recovered her daily life and continued to work as a photo model for many brands. There are now more than 6.5 lakh followers on her private page. She also updates her latest sexy and happy photos on the Internet. It worth mentioning that she has now kept updating and spreading her sexy bikini pics on social networks.

It is obvious that Iris is much luckier than many other hot girls who experience the same incidents. Some have been heavily criticized by the netizens and even unfollowed by her fans. They even have to give up their career. Hopefully, Iris will learn how to protect her personal data more carefully in the upcoming time.


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