Hotstar is a video streaming service in India, owned by Star India, which was recently acquired by Disney. As Disney+ will be coming to Indian on March 29, it will merge with Hotstar to become Disney+ Hotstar with all the Disney+ content.

Hotstar currently has more than 100,000 hours of films and TV content. The service offers shows from many different countries in the world and all the major live sports events in India such as cricket and soccer. Hotstar currently has over 100 million daily users and over 300 million monthly users, defeating both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in India. It's also the biggest cricket streaming platform for most cricket league in India.


Hotstar is available for both Android and iOS as an app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It can also be directly accessed through its website:

Hotstar App
Hotstar App


Hotstar offers various TV shows, films, and sports events across 9 languages.

With a free membership, users can watch a limited amount of content with ads on the platforms such as Indian TV shows, web series that have already been broadcasted on TV. You can also watch live cricket matches, Premier League & Formula 1 but with a small delay of 5 minutes.

Hotstar X Disney
You can watch many exclusive events wit Hotstar VIP

With a Hotstar VIP membership, users can access almost all content on the platforms with the exception of American/International TV shows and movies. You will be able to catch the latest Indian movie premiers, Indian TV shows, and exclusive Hotstar shows. Sports matches will no longer have a 5 minutes delay. You will still have to watch personalized ads while using Hotstar VIP. Hotstar VIP will cost you Rs 365/ year.

With a Hotstar Premium membership, users can access everything in Hotstar with an ad-free experience and uncut American shows and movies. You can choose to subscribe for one month with a price of Rs 299 or subscribe for one year with a price of Rs 999. If you have already owned Hotstar VIP, you can upgrade to Hotstar Premium by paying the difference. You can check out all the premium shows that you can watch with Hotstar Premium here.