Kriti Sanon is soaring in popularity since last year, especially with the Bollywood comedy success Housefull 4. The movie is her biggest success so far after the young actress made her grand entrance in 2014 with Heropanti.

Kriti Sanon Tattoo New Start 1
Kriti Sanon is the rising star of Bollywood

Having such favorable conditions, Kriti Sanon is setting her mood to welcome another fruitful year. And recently, the newly-rising star has shared her dedication with her fans, as she uploaded a picture of herself flaunting her bare shoulder and her tattoo to prepare for 'a new start'.

Let's have a look at the small but meaningful tattoo with Gurugamer below:

Kriti Sanon shows off her bare shoulder with a 'K' tattoo

Kriti Sanon has made her start in the B-town in 2014 with her debuting movie Heropanti, but it takes several years later for the actress to find her success. That came with the romance-comedy movie Luka Chuppi in which she coupled with Kartik Aaryan in the leading roles.

Kriti Sanon Tattoo New Start 3
Kriti Sanon made her Bollywood debut with Luka Chuppi

The movie is a huge success with grossing nearly Rs. 129 crore in last year, but it's nothing near her most recent success - Housefull 4 starring Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh. Directed by Farhad Samji, the movie earned Rs. 300 crore and became the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2019.

Kriti Sanon Tattoo New Start 2
Housefull 4 helped bring her career to a new stage

And in a recent interview, Kriti has expressed her ambition in Bollywood, as she aimed to become a superstar in the near future. In order to do that, Kriti Sanon has to defeat the stereotype of a girl who can only act for romantic or comedic movies, and the actress is very eager to do so. Kriti stated that she wants to try out new roles in the future to take off the stereotypes around her, and wearing a more colorful image.

Kriti Sanon Tattoo New Start 4
Kriti wants to shine with different roles in her future movies

And to reaffirm her determination, Kriti has shared a picture of her tattoo on Instagram captioned "A New Start". The image features Kriti Sanon flaunting her bare shoulder with a glimpse on the "K" tattoo, which might refer to the new Kriti Sanon she will become from this moment.

Kriti Sanon Tattoo New Start 5
A new start for a new Kriti!

As Housefull 4 is a huge success, Kriti's reputation also went skyrocketing, securing her at least three upcoming movies, including 'Mimi' the remake of the 2011 award-winning movie Mala Aai Vhhaychy!. 'Mimi' is a Bollywood movie surrounding the topic of surrogacy, in which she partners with Pankaj Tripathi. The movie is planned to reach the Indian cinemas this July.