Twitch streamers are known to make a lot of money every month. That is the truth. But the money they get from streaming actually is not that much. Donations and payment from Twitch (for every subscriber gained) are not enough to sustain streamers’ life. However, fortunately for famous streamers, big companies are very willing to pay them to promote their products or services.

Big donations like this are rare, actually

Big companies are seeing that streamers – especially on Twitch (because this is currently the biggest streaming platform all over the world at the moment) – are an excellent way for them to bring their products and services closer to young buyers. In return, those streamers are paid via sponsorships. These sponsorships can be long term or short term.

Of course, not all companies are active in this kind of marketing strategy. The brands that choose this way of marketing are the ones who are serving the esports industry. They can be selling hardware for computers, gaming gears (mice, headphones, keyboards … ), computer monitors, gaming chairs, gaming tables …. Razer is an active brand is this marketing method. It has been sending its new products for big streamers to experience and then give out sponsorships so that these streamers will show and discuss about Razer's products with their viewers.

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Razer has been sponsoring a lot of streamers

But not only computer-related companies give out sponsorships for famous streamers. Monster Energy and Red Bull – famous energy beverage brands – are among the first companies that commit to streamers, despite not selling anything related to computers. They only serve the youth in general, so they see that one of the best ways to get to the market of young people is via esports, or streamers in particular. Both of these companies have huge success due to this marketing plan, so other companies in the food industry are trying this method of marketing, namely the 2 food delivery service providers Uber Eats and Postmates.

Normally the deals between these companies with the streamers are long term deals. Take a look at Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar as examples. Red Bull has sponsorships for Ninja, while Monster Energy has sponsorships for TimTheTatman. This is the reason why views always see refrigerators with brands of these two companies in the background of Ninja and TimTheTatman’s streams.

Ninja Red Bull Can Deal 1
Ninja has been sponsored by Red Bull for a long time

But that is the long term sponsorships. What about the short term ones? Those come from game developers and publishers, mainly. To promote their games, game developers and publishers will give out sponsorships for big streamers so they will play, stream the promoted games in specific dates, normally around the time the game just got published. If game developers and publishers can have some famous streamers promoted for their games, those games are highly likely to be successful.

Due to the popularity of social network platforms, those streamers are also paid to post about the promoted games in their social network accounts (usually have a lot of followers). The most recent example of this is the case of EA, Ninja and Apex Legends. The sources have revealed that Ninja was paid one million dollars by EA to play, stream and tweet about Apex Legends right after the game was released. Seeing the success of Apex Legends now, we can say that this marketing strategy works.

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Ninja is the champion in Apex Legends when he walked away with one million dollars from EA's pocket

The esports industry is still growing with a rapid speed, so online entertainers are making more and more money from sponsorships. In return, we – the viewers – can be sure that our favorite entertainers can make enough money for their life to keep doing what they do best – entertain us.