PUBG corp is quite proud of the in-game semi-realistic gun mechanics in their game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). However, that pride is being put under questions since there have been gamers discovered that your in-game frame per second (FPS) has the direct effect on your weapon recoils, which results in the output damage per second (DPS) of your weapon.

This was discovered by a youtube account named WackyJacky101. Recently, he posted a video to analyze this matter. As he has pointed out in the clip, as your framerate drops, the vertical recoil of your gun will drop too; thus there will be a reduction in the output damage. In other words, the FPS has an impact on the rate-of-fire, which means a low FPS set the ceiling level of how fast your gun can shoot, and it leads to the output damage.

Also in the clip, he pointed out that this situation only affects guns with high rate-of-fire like GROZA, M416 or VECTOR … With low rate-of-fire like AKM or SCAR-L, the difference is really slight between high and low FPS. WackyJacky101 believes that the incident is because of the way the game calculates the recoil. Normally the recoil will have a fixed pattern, but in PUBG the recoil is counted for every fired shot. Of course, low FPS setting will give you more accurate shots, even on high rate-of-fire guns. But keep in mind that this will reduce the total damage you can make. The situation is worse for players who suffer fluctuating FPS during the game since the recoil will be much harder to calculate for players at those times.

After the first video by WackyJacky101 published, a Reddit user – MutuTuTu – posted on competitive PUBG subreddit a more detail analysis on the “ideal” PFS for each gun in the game. Not stopping there, there is an online excel sheet published MutuTuTu showing the performance of each gun in different FPS, as well as the “ideal” FPS of each weapon. This analysis has been demonstrated in the more understandable form by WackyJacky101 himself in his second video regarding this issue (WackyJacky101 did credit MutuTuTu in his second video).

Yes PUBG Corp needs to deal with this issue but fixing the issue might not be that easy. If this truly comes from the way the game calculates the recoil, it means this has been one of the foundations of the game and changing it will not be easy, and may result in many other problems for the game.