By now everyone must have known about the Youtube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg . This guy has been the king of Youtube for years before T-Series became the most subscribed channel in Youtube, thanks to the battle with Pewdiepie himself.

Although Pewdiepie kinda lost to this battle (and statistics shows that he has a very small chance of winning), this battle with T-Series has brought millions of subscribers for Pewdiepie. He is now sitting at nearly 92 million subscribers for his Youtube channel.

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Not sure whether Pewdiepie actually wins or loses the battle against T-Series

With that huge fanbase, a lot of people are wondering: how much Pewdiepie actually makes? Trustworthy source Forbes says that this Youtuber is making about $12 to $15 million dollars annually. That is more than 1 million dollars a month.

Still, those statistics are just from online sources, we have not had any confirmation about the actual income of this Youtuber, until recently. On March 29th, Pewdiepie has talked about this topic on his annual “GOOGLING MYSELF” show. This show is done every year when this Youtuber googles his name and to see if there are any interesting articles and then comments about them. Apparently, on this show, Pewdiepie tapped the topic of his income.

In this show, Pew saw an article suggesting that this YouTuber earns about $3,400 per hour and he works about 40-hour work week. Pew did not deny this information. (topic starts at 5:51)

If this information from the article is correct, Pew is earning about $7 million dollars a year – an incredible amount of money. Nevertheless, Pew remained a very humble attitude when he talked about this matter. This Youtuber confirmed for his fans that he wanted a modest life to avoid being affected about monetary purposes

The YouTuber continued to discuss his financial goals. His goals are to save up enough for a house in Japan and enough money that he can live comfortably until he dies. (pretty sure that he has achieved those goals already). Despite his denial to give out the exact net worth of his, PewDiePie did confirm that he was “definitely” worth more than $20 million.

Pewdiepie Money Earnings
Pewdiepie himself worths more than $20 million dollars

Yes, we can say that Pewdiepie has lost the battle against T-Series, and perhaps will lose the race to the 100 million subscribers milestone with T-Series. But this Youtuber will continue to earn a lot of money due to his fanbase and his ability to create attracting content.