While the popular China-based video-sharing platform TikTok has been banned in India, it’s the high time for its rival to launch similar apps and features to the 135 crore population country. Apart from India-made Chingari or Mitron app, the biggest social media on the world Instagram recently launched a new feature called ‘Instagram reels’ which allows users to create and edit their videos just like Tiktok.

So if you are wondering how to use Instagram Reels to make videos, this article will offer a step-by-step guideline so TikTok lovers continue to give off their best shot on the new platform.

How To Use Instagram Reels
Instagram has launched the Reels feature for users in India starting from July 8

What is Instagram Reels

While TikTok is a separate app, Reels is a new built-in feature for Instagram users. If you already have the application inside your mobile so it won’t consume more space in your device. The feature has been enabled for all Indian Instagram users starting from 7:30PM on July 8 and only those with the updated version of IG can see the new feature.

To update your Instagram, go to Google Play or App Store, find the app to see if the update version is available. Click "update" and wait for the application to reinstall. After the process is done, you’re ready to go.

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How to use Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels is said to be a clone version of TikTok

How to use Instagram Reels

In fact, if you’ve been familiar with Instagram and Tiktok, it is not difficult to use the new feature. However, in case you need a details guideline how to use Instagram Reels, check out the step-by-step instruction below:

1. Open the Reels feature

You will find the Reels feature at the bottom bar when opening the Instagram camera. It’s right next to Boomerang, hands-free, Layout and Superzoom.

How To Use Instagram Reels
You will find Instagram Reels feature when opening the IG camera

2. Browsing songs from the Instagram music library

Tap on the audio button on the right to pick up your favorite song to lip-syncing. As Facebook are trusted partners of many music labels around the world, there are plenty of songs from trendy Bollywood to UK-US songs available on Instagram music library and it won’t take time for you to find the song you need.

In case you want to record your own audio, skip this step and record the video using your own audio.

How To Use Instagram Reels
There are plenty of India and Uk-US songs in the Instagram music library

3. Record your Reels video

Click on the recording button on the bottom and give off your best shot. Click on the timer button on the right if you want to record it hand-free.

Instagram Reels Creation
Click the recording button to start filming

4. Editing Reels video

After finishing recording, you can use the AR Effect function to make your video more interesting. You can also speed up/slow down parts of your video as required before sharing it to your Instagram handle.

How To Use Instagram Reels
You can add effects to your video to make it more interesting

5. Sharing Reels video

You can choose to share your work of art with your Instagram friends on your IG feeds and story only or make it available to all Instagram users. If you choose to make it public, your video will be found on Instagram Explore the feature.

How To Use Instagram Reels
Setting your video public will make it available on Instagram Explore feature

By making your Reels videos accessible to all users, you have to set your account to public mode. It’s a good way to make it more popular and show your talent to the whole world.

Take a look at the demo video of how to use Instagram Reels: