The love doll factory is booming in recent times. The loneliness during prolonged lockdowns has led many to seek an alternative way to maintain both their physical and mental health. No going out means no dates, and perhaps, no sex. Hence, sex dolls are the perfect supplement to tackle the natural desire of human beings while providing some senses of companionship. Yet, we really have gone a long way in terms of technology - evidenced by this super real-looking doll. RSS Realdoll’s product - known as Miyu, will make your jaws drop so hard it breaks a hole on the floor. 

love doll miyu 1
It's hard to tell she's a doll

The love doll named Miyu is 1.59 meters tall but weighs only 34 kilos. However, the selling point is her perfect curvy body like a plastic Coca-Cola bottle. Her measurement is every girl’s dream with the gorgeous figures of the bust, waist, and hips are 89cm, 65cm, and 87cm respectively. Viewing from the number perspective alone, many are sold on the wonder of a sex doll Miyu. However, wait until you see the realistic details on her.

love doll miyu 2
She looks super real!

You can notice great differences in Miyu as compared to the company’s previous products. She can now freely change postures such as sitting or crossed legs. Small details are even more so impressive. All of her joints, finger wrinkles, and foot folds were made so perfectly that they resemble 99% those of real humans. Not to mention the skin texture which was made by advanced materials makes Miyu's skin extremely smooth, shiny, like real-life hot girls. And indeed, if you look at it at first glance, surely no one would dare to think this is a doll.

love doll miyu 3
Miyu can change postures easily

In her release photo album, Miyu's image is so exquisitely shaped that it has everyone’s mouth wide open at awe. According to many sources, whoever owns this love doll will also bring home free toiletries, wigs, and beautiful dresses that best suit Miyu.

love doll miyu 4
Look at those details

Upon seeing this latest product, the online community went wild. They are thrilled and amazed when learned that Miyu was actually a love doll, not a real-life model. However, they also reflected that the manufacturers could do something to balance out her stats. Because she is 1.59 meters tall but only weighs 34kg.

love doll miyu 5
It seems like her weight doesn't match her height

This isn’t the first time we feature super real-looking love dolls on the site. Apart from RSS Realdoll, other manufacturers such as Sex Doll Genie also provides high-end products that are impossible to tell from a real human. They can be a great alternative for those not fortunate enough to have a partner during the COVID-19 pandemic. And should the viruses keep spreading (no one wants that though), we could expect the love doll sales to surge even more. 

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