Before you spin those reels, check out the various details that make this slot game an amazing game to try. Unveil the legendary dragons in this marvellous slot game from Yggdrasil and win tons of prizes of up to  €574,170 (₹48,620,141)!

Ice and Fire: Paylines and RTP

Built of two opposite sides with 5 reels each, players can have a total of 120 paylines to match their royals, queens and dragons on! Once you’ve put in your bet, you can manually spin the reels or toggle the automatic spins to work for you multiple times.

The best thing about the game is its 96.64 RTP, ensuring that your elemental dragons and their army do shake the world with tons of prizes and a jackpot available!

Ice And Fire
The best thing about the game is its 96.64 RTP

Ice and Fire: Theme

In the high-fantasy world of Ice and Fire, the two contrasting elements bring rumble to the inhabitants below them. Behind the chaos are two fabled dragons continuously fighting to keep the balance of the mysterious land.

Hailing from Yggdrasil, let the two sides form into one magical and intricate world! Expect a rewarding adventure in your conquest of this game!

Ice and Fire: Symbols

Seek out the dragons and other creatures of this world! Divided into two sides, get ready to meet beautiful and powerful creatures of the freezing and blazing lands. Align powerful items and symbols that will boost your rewards!

●    Royals

Collect Aces, Jacks, Queens and Kings on your winning lines and enjoy the feel of winning smaller but more frequent wins on the reels of this Yggdrasil game!

●    High Symbols

Separated by their elements, meet the powerful queen warriors and sentient beings on both sides. It doesn’t matter what side you choose when you bring these armies into battle!

  • Ice High Symbols

Fill your army with ice queens, boreal dragons, white tigers, snow owls or the rings! The more powerful they are with numbers, the bigger prizes you’ll get for your winning lines!

  • Fire High Symbols

Let the other side march with their fire queen, fiery dragons, flaming foxes, horses and magic orbs! The more of them you put together against the other side, the more rewarding wins you’ll receive!

●    Dragon Egg

Acting as the scatter symbol, find the mystical Dragon Eggs and seal your fated winnings! Your wins will go up and up with more of these you collect on the paylines!

●    Book

As the Wild Symbol, let the mysterious books bring forth prizes in your payline! The Book can register as any symbol you might need on the screen!

Ice and Fire: Bonus Features

Jump into this fantasy world filled with free spins, increased winnings and multiplier bonuses!

●    Cascading Symbols

When you score a win on the payline, the reels will roll on their own replacing the symbols you’ve matched. This makes multiple wins happen in a single roll even without free spins!

●    Free Spins

Score free rounds when you score multiple cascading wins! There are various bonuses that you can get with a maximum of 15 bonus spins. You can even have 150 new wilds!

Ice And Fire
Jump into this fantasy world filled with free spins, increased winnings and multiplier bonuses!

●    Shared Wilds

Aside from subbing for regular symbols, the mysterious Books will magically get to the other side of the board. This way, the wild symbol works both sides of your reels!

Note that this does not happen with a Scatter symbol,

●     Multiplier Bonus

Score three or more Dragon Eggs anywhere on the reels and break a giant prize! Your winnings can be doubled, tripled and many more with the free spins you can score in the multiplier.

Ice and Fire: Conclusion

Coupled with the perfect visuals, interesting gameplay and music from Yggdrasil, the game gives players many reasons to try it out and get hooked. The game also supports small to high bets but will still give you an amazing amount of rewards, especially with its amazing RTP.

Heading off to unleash powerful elemental dragons? Ice and Fire is a definite must-try.

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