In 2018, India has a very impressive figure when it comes to online growth. So, undoubtedly, it is expected that India will show better results in 2019. However, the situation can grow much faster than its speed now. So why? The price for data online can't be the reason since it has experienced such a huge drop since Jio entered the market a while ago. The reason behind this is quite simple, yet so surprising.

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In the new report published by Booking Holdings, a travel e-commerce company, technical problems are not the true reason preventing Indian going online. It is the language problems. According to this study, among the people who have conducted the survey, 76% of which in China, India, and Indonesia said that the primary language online is English, and this is the major barrier keeping residents in rural areas away from the internet. Of course, many other reasons are contributing into the situation like the unaffordable Internet services or the incapability to own a device.

Despite these factors, we still see some imposing figure about the internet growth in Asia, especially the figure about the newcomers. 112 million people in Asia joined the online world for the first time in their life in 2018 and an estimated 365 million will do the exact same thing in 2019. The situation is even better in India. In 2018, another 16% of the Indian had their first smartphone, pumped up the number of people using mobile connections in this country to 87% of the population. This is the fastest growth rate in 2018 all over the world. Even though the statistics is good, we still can't ignore the fact that 13% of the population in India has zero access to the internet, and another 31% don’t know how to use the internet, according to the report.

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With this rate, the report suggested that by 2030, there will be a billion people online. Though this is good news, the report also pointed out that 46% of which are likely to be the poor, and 43% of which are likely to be the illiterate. Without a doubt, this group needs a joining hand from the community to educate them to use the internet properly.