Yesterday, many Indian media outlets have reported a tragedic accident in a filming scene of the vigilante action-thriller movie Indian 2. The accident has resulted in a lot of casualties for the staff, which is a huge loss for the filming crew and harmed the progress as well.

Let's have a closer look with Gurugamer to see how disastrous the event was:

The filming scenes of Indian 2 suffered from a saddening accident

As reported by the media, the accident happened at the filming scene of Indian 2 at the EVP Film City located near Chennai. To be more specific, on Wednesday, February 19, three assistant directors were sitting on the cabin structure on top of one crane to work for the lighting of the next scenes.

However, the tragedy suddenly stroke, as the crane broke down, causing the cabin to fall from the sky to the ground. The three unlucky directors could not survive from the disastrous accident and have passed away. They are the production assistant Madhu, the assistant director Krishna and the art assistant Chandran.

Indian 2 Crane Accident 3 Deaths 9 Injured 1
The image on the breakdown of the crane in the filming scene

Furthermore, the accident did not only do harm to the three directors, but also for another staff as well. Particularly, production house Lyca has confirmed that there are 9 other people suffered from the injuries due to the crane's fall, but fortunately, they are still alive.

The lead actor Kamal Haasan and actress Kajal Aggarwal narrowly escaped

At the filming scene at the same time are the lead actor and actress of Indian 2 - Kamal Haasan and Kajal Aggarwal. Together with them at the accident scene is the costume designer Amritha Ram, and the three managed to barely get away from the scene before the crane hit the ground.

Indian 2 Crane Accident 3 Deaths 9 Injured 4
Both the leading actor and actress were present at the accident, and narrowly escaped from death

Speaking about his experience in the accident, Amritha Ram still could not hide his fear. The designer stated that it was literally 10 seconds that he got out from the scene before the crane could crush him under. He also didn't forget to share the condolence with the family of the unfortunate and stated that it was the most disastrous accident that he has experienced.

Later on, Kamal Haasan and Kajal Aggarwal also opened up with interviews after recovering from the traumatic event. The lead actor Kamal Haasan remembered that he narrowly escaped the canopy for four seconds. Kamal also stated that if the crane fell for several inches further, he would have joined the three unlucky directors by now.

Indian 2 Crane Accident 3 Deaths 9 Injured 5
Kamal Haasan announced the compensation Rs 1 Crore to make up for the victims

"I would have been in mortuary" - Kamal said. To express his gratitude for his lucky and the sorrow of the loss of three colleagues, the actor has announced that he will pay Rs 1 Crore to compensate for the kin of the unlucky ones that have passed away as well as the one that is still suffering from injuries. On the other hand, Lyca Production will also pay Rs 2 Crores as well. The actor also pointed out that it's saddening that the filming industry still doesn't have any safety compliance for the filming crew at all.

Meanwhile, Kajal Aggarwal also shared the same experience with her counterparts and expressed her deepest sorrow with the dead and injured ones. The actress post two tweets on Twitter after the accident happened, stating that she has just come out from the trauma and utter heartbreak caused by the saddening loss, and also appreciate the luck that keep her alive for now.

Indian 2 Crane Accident 3 Deaths 9 Injured 6
The beautiful actress Kajal Aggarwal still haven't fully recovered from the shock yet


Dedication to film the most realistic scenes for an action movie always contains certain risks for the life of not only the actors and actresses but also for the staff as well. Hopefully, the industry can look at this example of Indian 2 and provide the safest working conditions for the filming staff, so that we don't have to witness such a saddening event again.

Indian 2 is the sequel of the 1996 Bollywood vigilante action movie directed by S. Shankar, starring Kamal Haasan and Kajal Aggarwal as the leading roles. The movie was previously planned to come out in Summer 2021, but after this accident, the production team will surely have to delay it for a little bit.

Indian 2 Crane Accident 3 Deaths 9 Injured 7
Indian 2 is the sequel of the 1996's vigilante action movie