Indian police are practicing a strange and strict punishment for rule-breakers who don’t follow the social-distancing regulation. They lock these rule-breakers in an ambulance and fool them about taking them to the hospital for coronavirus test. They will be locked in the truck with one or several “fake” COVID-19 patients. It’s an effective and strange way to punish rule-breakers who don’t follow the Government’s instruction. Check it out here with

A Strange Punishment For Social-Distancing Rule-Breakers In India

As we all know, the Indian government and authorities are very serious about fighting COVID-19 pandemic. The police are also practicing many methods to keep people at home for quarantine and social-distancing. However, many people still break the rule and step out of their houses without facial masks. Therefore, the police officers in Tiruppur city invented a unique and effective method to force people home.

In specific, they park an ambulance by the road. A man will fake to be a coronavirus patient sitting insides it. Then, when they spot someone stepping out and roaming on the road without facial masks, they will lock them in the ambulance. Moreover, the police also fool them that they will take them to the hospital for COVID-19 tests in Coimbatore city.

Police Lock Boys With Dummy Coronavirus Patient
Police Lock Lockdown Violators With Dummy Coronavirus Patient

They arrested many people who broke the social-distancing regulation. Those rule-breakers drove their motorbikes on the road, didn’t wear facial masks and helmets. These people were really frightened and got panic. They cried out, screamed, and begged the policeman for freeing them. But ignoring those touching scenes, the Tiruppur police still lock them in the ambulance.

An Effective Way To Teach Them A Lesson
It's An Effective Way To Teach Them A Lesson

The fake coronavirus patient insides the ambulance wear facial masks and special outfits. Then, he will ask those rule-breakers if they want to share coronavirus or not and head to them. Some were so frightened that they tried to escape from the police and even jumped out of the ambulance through the windows. Then, the police will explain that he is just a fake “fake” COVID-19 patient and ask them to stay home for safety.

India Is Serious About Lockdown
India Is Serious About Lockdown