Indian police and authorities are carrying out different measures to make people stay home in coronavirus outbreak. They patrol around residential areas and roads to keep people at home. Moreover, these policemen even made and wore special helmets decorated like a coronavirus to scare and keep people inside their houses. These coronavirus helmets look creepy and very interesting. Check it out here with

Indian Police Wear Special ‘Coronavirus Helmet’ To Keep People At Home

The Coronavirus outbreak forced the WHO to declare a global emergency. It is still growing uncontrollably in many big countries in the world. Dealing with the great threat from this pandemic, the Indian government issued the country lockdown to fight coronavirus for at least three weeks. According to that, the Government and authorities asked people to stay home and stop all social events and activities. 

Coronavirus Helmet
Coronavirus Helmet Is Another Method To Keep People At Home

The authorities and police are carrying out many measures to keep people at home. According to Metro News, a street artist and a police officer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India work together to raise people’s awareness of how severe the coronavirus outbreak is. They decorate a helmet to make it look like a SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Indian Police Wear Coronavirus Helmets
Indian Police Wear Coronavirus Helmets

This Creepy Helmet Works Very Well

Gowtham, the artist making this helmet said people were not aware of how serious the pandemic is. Meanwhile, the police are working so hard to keep people at home and prevent the spread of this virus. So, the idea of making a coronavirus helmet came to his mind. He also made some slogans and gave them to the police.

They Warn People About This Dangerous Pandemic
They Warn People About This Deadly Pandemic

It took him 5 hours to decorate the helmet and he wanted to make it look as creepy as possible to scare people. He hopes that it can make people understand how dangerous this deadly novel virus is. According to the police’s feedback, this creepy coronavirus helmet helped them a lot in making people stay home. 

This Creepy Helmet Works Well
This Creepy Helmet Works Well

Rajesh Bahu, a police officer wearing this helmet said to Asian News International that they tried lots of methods but people still stepped out of their house. Therefore, this coronavirus helmet is another method they use to raise people’s awareness of this dangerous virus. He added when he wore this helmet, people on the road were disgusted and scared. Some children even had strong reactions and asked their parents to go home immediately.