Pornhub has shown everyone in the world their generosity with the #stayhomehub campaign and the free Pornhub premium offer for all people around the world.

Of course, thanks to this event, many people wouldn't miss the chance to experience the Premium experience with exclusive full HD content from the website. It is normal to see an increase in the number of viewers on the website. However, there is one particular country among all others that has a ridiculous increase of 95%, India.

The #stayhomehub campaign was announced by Pornhub from March 24 until April 23 with the slogan "Stay home and help flatten the curve!".

Stayhomehub 4 E4cf
Pornhub encourage people to stay home with #stayhomehub

One thing for sure is that lots of Indians have listened to their advice and take the offer to their fullest.

According to the statistic report of Pornhub on April 3, the viewership in India increase 23% on March 24 and then spike upward a few days later. It reached a peak of 95% on March 27.

Indian viewership increased 95% on March 27

Furthermore, on April 8, Pornhub also released another report about the viewership of 5 big cities in India, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad and found out some pretty interesting facts such as Sunny Leone is still the most favorite porn star in India, far exceed all other porn stars everywhere and New Delhi contributed the most traffic to Pornhub in India.

You can see it in the pictures below.

Pornhub Insights India Cities New Delhi1
New Delhi takes up 40% traffic from all of India with Sunny Leone being th most favorite porn star
Pornhub Insights India Cities Chennai1
Chennai has the third most traffic from India with "tamil" being the hottest term
Pornhub Insights India Cities Hyderabad1
Hyderabad 's most searched term is “Indian college girls”
Pornhub Insights India Cities Kolkata1
Meanwhile, people in Kolkata like to search for the term "squirt" more than anywhere else in India
Pornhub Insights India Cities Mumbai1
Mumbai has the highest searches of the term "MILF" compared to the rest of India