Although the battle between the former king of Youtube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and the Bollywood corporation (also the king of Youtube now) T-Series has gone the way T-Series wants, there are still Indian people who idolize Pewdiepie a lot. Just recently, there is an Indian Youtuber travel all the way to the UK just to meet Pew.

As we have reported, T-Series has surpassed the milestone of 95 million subscribers on Youtube, with the lead over Pewdiepie of nearly 600,000 subscribers. This victory by the Bollywood corporation came from the legal action against Pew. T-Series has sued the “Congratulations” and “Bitch Lasagna” – the two music videos by Pew that have a direct connection to T-Series – at the Delhi High Court. Shortly after that, both of these 2 music videos were banned in all India. And now we are seeing nearly 600,000 subscribers lead against Pew.

Screenshot 4
The current massive lead against Pew at the moment

This is indeed good news for many Indian people, but some still favor Pewdiepie a lot. The Indian YouTuber Saimandar ‘Saiman Says’ Waghdhare has just traveled all the way from India to the UK (about 10 hours flight) just to meet Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg – his idol.

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Saimandar ‘Saiman Says’ Waghdhare

Saimandar ‘Saiman Says’ Waghdhare is sitting at more than 200,000 subscribers on Youtube, and he revealed that he had watched ‘Bitch Lasagna’ for about 399 times a day before this music video got banned in India. Perhaps that is the reason why this Youtuber travel to Southwick on the south coast of England to meet Pewdiepie, who is living in the close neighborhood Brighton.

Saimandar ‘Saiman Says’ Waghdhare uploaded the video name ‘PewDiePie, I’M COMING FOR YOU!!! (meet me pls)’ on his Youtube channel to show his journey and his desire to meet his idol. So far, we have not heard any comments from Pew about this fan, but we do hope that Saimandar ‘Saiman Says’ Waghdhare can finally meet his idol.