A study report by telecom company Nokia recently revealed that Indians consume on average over 11 GB of mobile data monthly. This is due to affordable devices, cheap data, and the popularity of video-making and video-sharing. These pieces of information are part of Nokia's annual Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index (MBiT) report.

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Indians just can't keep their eyes off the small screens these days

What's more, is that Amit Marwah, Nokia India Chief Marketing Officer, revealed that data consumption in India is probably the highest in the world. Indians use mobile data more than countries like China, the US, France, South Korea, Japan, etc.

Growth of Indian mobile data use

Compared to the year before, data traffic in India went up by 47% in 2019. And it was 4G usage that generated most of the growth. 4G usage made up 96% of the total data consumed in all of India, whereas 3G traffic declined by 30%, its biggest decline.

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Video-making and sharing are a major factor in data usage

According to the report, video-making and video-sharing have seen dramatic increases. This is thanks to the increase in smartphone use, very cheap mobile data tariffs, and higher rural internet penetration. Data traffic in the country grew by 44 times in just four years, from 2015 to 2019. There are also over 432 million Voice over LTE smartphones in India now.

Marwah confirmed the factors that led to the rapid rise of data usage: "The average monthly data usage per user surpassed 11 gigabyte (GB) in December growing 16 percent annually due to increase in up-gradation of 4G network, low data prices, affordable smartphones, and the ever-increasing popularity of videos".

What about broadband?

While mobile data consumption in India is very impressive, one can't say the same about broadband internet. Broadband penetration is only 47% nationally, and this is much lower than China's 95% or Europe's 95%-115%.

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Super cheap data compared to anywhere else in the world makes it very convenient for Indian users

According to Sanjay Malik, Senior Vice President & Head of India Market, Nokia, broadband internet will improve in the future: “We believe the migration of subscribers to 4G will continue to drive broadband growth in the country".

"The Indian telcos will need to consider other connectivity solutions to leverage the new opportunities and to address the growing data consumption," said Malik.

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Just don't ignore life's other obligations over your phone

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