There have been nearly 50 lakh Coronavirus infected cases and more than 3 lakh deaths across the world and everything may go worse until we find out a vaccine. That’s why many governments have kept ordering their citizens to maintain social distancing, as well as follow some measures to protect them from the fatal virus.

Open Casket Coronavirus
The traditional custom has pushed healthy people into new COVID-19 patients.

However, not all people are willing to comply with strict warnings from their governments. The following incident is a typical example.

On May 17, The Jarkata Post reported that 15 people in the Jati village, in East Java, Indonesia have been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. According to the report, they got infected after opening a coffin of a villager to conduct a bathing ritual.

It wasn’t hard to find out the reason behind it. The dead person was a patient of Coronavirus. And regardless of all warnings and health protocols, the relatives and villagers still did what they thought they should do according to the traditional customs.

Indonesia Funeral
Regardless of warnings, the relatives of the dead one opened the coffin.

In an interview with reports, Nur Ahmad Syaifudin, an acting Sidoarjo Regent, said that both neighbors and relatives of the dead touched the plastic wrap of the body. They even helped bathe the body. It was their careless behaviors that led to their Coronavirus infection.

Nur also revealed that a villager was got infected with the COVID-19 and then passed away in a hospital. At that time, the body was then covered in plastic sheeting and put in a wooden casket before being taken to home according to relatives’ requests. However, the relatives opened the casket and performed a bathing ritual for the dead one, in spite of warnings.

The COVID-19 task force in Sidoarjo quickly checked contact tracing for the epidemic in the whole village. 15 Coronavirus cases were found out and many other villagers have been under surveillance as potential patients.

On May 16, this village also recorded 45 new cases at a time they knew the test results. The Jati village has now been blocked in a bid to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading more widely.