The well-known Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi (52), who is a DJ, businessman, and life coach, announced last Sunday that he will become a father for the first time with his girlfriend, Venezuelan actress and Instagram model Sharon Fonseca (25).

Instagram: ella es Sharon Fonseca, la nueva pareja del millonario instagram model

Through their social networks, the couple chose Mother's Day to publicize the news with a video in which Vacchi appears to be talking about this new development with his model wife, who is very excited for the moment.

"Today is Mother's Day, and of course my first thought was to my mother, but then, I must say, that never in my life would I have thought of a potential mother for my son and that woman is Sharon," he said in English.

The millionaire continued saying: "I am very happy to announce and share that Sharon and I are waiting for a baby. And she will be the mother that I always dreamed of for my baby, " Vacchi concluded.

Gianluca Vacchi y la modelo Sharon Fonseca anuncian en Instagram ...

For her part, the actress also said a few words in Spanish, sending greetings to all the mothers in the world, her mother and her mother-in-law, and thanked the Italian for "giving her the most beautiful gift."

People congratulated the Vacchi couple, who became known around the world in 2017 after starting to post his dances with his girlfriend at the time on his social network pages. He said in 2018 to an Italian magazine that he hoped to become a father before 60 years of age.

Money, luxury, and eccentricity were the three main ingredients that catapulted the Italian millionaire to fame and success. This combination together with the provocative dances with his girlfriend made the businessman's Instagram account spread like wildfire.

This is not all we know about Gianluca, he also owns SEA (Società Europea Autocaravan), a European manufacturer of motorhomes, and is a director of Industria Macchine Automatiche, a company that develops equipment for packaging food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products, although it also has 34 other companies dedicated to various business activities.

Triệu phú U60 xác nhận có con với bạn gái kém 27 tuổi - Báo Đời instagram model

The Italian's professional career does not stop there and he also has his own website, where he shows off his outfits, in an Italian, elegant, and outgoing style. Finally, Gianluca is a publisher of the book "GV Lifestyle", in which he explains his way of seeing the world by enjoying himself.

Sharon Fonseca, born in Venezuela, went to Miami, Florida, with the aim of making her own life. While in the US, she opted for a career in Fashion Design and was recruited by the agency Das Models.

instagram model sharon fonseca

This also allowed her to enter the world of acting, participating in TV series such as "Owners of Paradise", "Land of Kings", "Under the Same Sky", "Who is Who?" and "Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de barrio". However, her life changed completely after meeting Gialucca in 2018.

Media Tweets by Sharon Fonseca (@SharFonseca) | Twitter

“I was the model for one of his videos and I saw that he was very aware of me. I am a person who takes things little by little and he was climbing. Gianluca has a great personality, in addition to being a very attractive man, an energy that wherever he enters leaves everyone as 'wow'. Everyone sees that in him," explained the model in an interview with EVTV Miami.

The enormous age difference between the two - she is 27 and he is 52 years old - has been the subject of numerous comments, but the model has decided to turn a deaf ear to the negativity: “I have learned a lot with him, I have grown as a person. He has brought out a new part of me, just as I have of him.”

Pin en Latino,Hispanic sharon fonseca

Likewise, the Venezuelan has become a recognized influencer, accumulating close to 1.1 million followers on Instagram. On this platform, she gives beauty, fashion, and lifestyle advice. In addition, the young woman has a business streak as the owner of her own jewelry firm, under the name of Omkara.

Picture of Sharon Fonseca

“In my brand of accessories, I want each one to have a meaning, a story, that people feel special with them. One represents love, another peace”, she explained.

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