As this year Wimbledon has come to an end, people are still able to experience a small tennis game, which has been hidden by Google in plain sight. Basically working as a Pong’s renewed version, Google’s hidden tennis game isn’t likely to become any nominations of Game of the Year awards at the end of the year. However, it is a good method to spend a little bit of your free time.

There is no complexity to access this hidden game, as it all begins with a search of “Wimbledon scores” on Google. Right at the top of the page after searching, people will see a header in purple which enables them to check out the Wimbledon scores through different categories, such as women’s singles, men’s singles, as well as others. At the end of these categories, there is a tennis ball with the green color that directly leads players to the hidden game through a click.

The hidden tennis game from Google for people to pass a little time

Especially, players can access the game through different browsers, as long as they perform the search on Google. In addition, regardless of using mobile or desktop, players are still able to play this game on the go or at the desks, whenever they wanted to.

As stated above, Google’s hidden game is similar to the game Pong, whose design was based on a real tennis court. The first move will make the tennis ball move, after that, players are required to go right and left to catch the ball returning from their adorable rival. Throughout the game, there is a continuous increase in the pace of the tennis ball, and as soon as the players miss the ball, the game will cease.

The tennis ball icon that leads directly to the hidden game

With the confirmation for the release of Google Stadia, fans can definitely play much more sophisticated games from this giant tech company until the end of the year. But until that moment, players who want to kill their free time can play these simple entertaining apps.