It’s not always happy to become a streamer, especially when you have to maintain your figure in front of the audiences, fans, as well as lovers. That’s why almost all streamers don’t want to change their initial figures that have gained lots of “success”.

Female Streamer
The naive streamer turned angry when being insulted by the audiences.

However, there is always at least one exception. And Yu Hye-di is such an incident. The streamer is well-known for her naïve and good-looking face. But a few days ago, her fans got a big shock after she changed completely her previous figure.

Streamer Naive
Her fans got too familiar with her naive image and that's why they felt surprised at her breast tattoo.

It is a pity that her new looking hasn’t received support from a large number of her fans. To get more specific, some revealed that they felt familiar and excited about her naïve image, instead of her present mature and boldness. Even there are some insulting and disturbing comments for this beautiful streamer on her channel.


Female Streamer Tattoo
The moment she gave an obscene hand to the audience.
Streamer Breast Tattoo
Her breast tattoo - a source of insulting comments from the audience.

It seems that everything has been beyond her control and as a result, Yeo He-di gradually felt uncomfortable and started to express her anger with the audiences directly on her live stream. Accordingly, she gave an obscene hand gesture many times and shouted at her screen that she has never done anything shameful and those who insulted her should enjoy her rude behavior. Even more, this streamer stood up and showed off a series of tattoos on her hands and legs.

Tattoo Streamer

The reactions of the audiences on her channel then calmed down when some started to give support to her. They also admitted that they felt great and impressive when she was willing to react confidentially like that. However, others also said that they prefer her initial figure.

Streamer Yu He Di
She boasted about her tattoos on her hands and legs.