Are you playing Fortnite? Are your children playing Fortnite? If the answers are yes, then you’d better check your bank account now. Thanks to a report by Check Point Research, Epic Games – the developer of famous battle royal online game Fortnite – had to acknowledge that an issue during the log-in process of the game could give permission for hackers to hack into the account of the victim and make real damage.

Check Point Research also published their research and posted a clip in Youtube explaining their research:

As we can see in the clip, if the players log into the game by a third-party account like Facebook or Xbox Live and click the link sent by the hackers, he or she will be the victim of the hackers and this bug. These links usually say free promotions or free gifts for players who click, but they are actually designed to take a piece of code which is used to identify players. With this code, the hackers then can easily access into the account of the victim with full control of the account and make ingame-purchases on the registered credit cards, said Mr. Oded Vanunu, Check Point’s head of products vulnerability research. The report also claimed that the hackers can wiretap the conversations in the voice chat system of the game. However, this possibility has been strongly denied by Mr. Nick Chester, Epic Games spokesman. Epic Games also made some encouragement for their players to secure account by not using previously used passwords, using high-level security passwords and not sharing any information of their accounts to another.


Despite the detail of the research, it is not possible for Check Point to say how many players have been affected by this bug and Epic Game declined to give any comments on this matter. Instead, the company just said that this problem had been solved. Nevertheless, we still have to be awared and remind our kids for our own good.

In the big picture, with about 80 million people playing regularly and slightly more than 200 million accounts registered, this is a potential field for hackers to harvest. This incident is undoubtedly an alarm ring for Epic Game, as well as other game companies, to raise the security level of their products to protect the customers and themselves.

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