There are only a few months left for the Avengers: End Game to be officially released and one month before that, we will enjoy Captain Marvel's first movie. More theories of the film are given, especially the recent details given by Samuel L. Jackson, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Samuel L.Jackson - Marvel’s Nick Fury gave a brief introduction to Captain Marvel's power in MCU compared to other superheroes. He said Carol Danvers is an incredibly powerful person, almost capable of doing everything. Because of that, she will become an energetic factor and help other superheroes fight an extremely difficult and strange enemy to the Avenger, as everyone saw in the Infinity War. If not the strongest, then at least Captain Marvel is one of the strongest in the Marvel universe. Jackson said that we will see how strong Captain Marvel is and what she can do very soon. One interesting detail he mentioned is Carol Danvers is one of the few superheroes capable of traveling time.

Captain Marvel is the hero with the greatest physical strength

In fact, there are no details in comics that show Carol Danvers is able to travel time without any external support. However, time travel happens a lot in the stories that have her appearance. Typically, the iconic Carol version of Kelly Sue DeConnick directly inspired to the film. Through an abnormal increase of pressure created by her own abilities, Carol was brought back to the time in her original story. And then she could not concentrate her energy and truly travel time with her own abilities. But this shows that her inner energy is really strong enough to travel time in certain circumstances.

Samuel L. Jackson unveiled the possibility of a Captain traveling time

On the other hand, Carol's origin in MCU is still very vague. Based on comics, it is largely assumed that her power comes from being affected by an explosion of a sci-fi machine.. But at the end of 2018, her original story was modified. It seems that MCU will follow a different aspect, maybe they will give Carol a powerful amnesia, completely forget the vague and magical explosion, instead a little more realistic like medicine.

It is also possible that Samuel L.Jackson misrepresented the interview or intentionally gave a wrong information to distract the fans. However, Nick Fury's message to Carol in the final moments of Infinity War shows Captain Marvel's time travel ability as one of the most plausible explanations.

Nick Fury sent a message using an ancient pager to Captain Marvel at the last moments before dissipating in Infinity War

There are more reasonable hypotheses, such as Carol Danvers owns Time Stone. Maybe something will happen and Captain Marvel will get Time Stone or somehow Doctor Strange sent a duplicate of the stone to the 1990s in the Infinity War in order to let Carol find it. Or Carol holds the stone when she is in the term of the Kree Empire. Or Ronan the Accuser's request for Thanos happened so long before Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1, and Time Stone has already been in the game very early.

Only three months left for Captain Marvel to be officially released worldwide, we will take the time from now to come up with the best possible hypotheses.