Before becoming a model, Meshi Saadon - a police officer who comes from Jerusalem, Israel first stole the spotlight on the Internet in 2017. Her police uniform photos went viral on many forums and social networks. With her outstanding appearance, it’s not surprising that Meshi Saadon is nicknamed the “Israeli police queen” and “thorny rose”.

Meshi Saadon used to be a police officer before starting a new career as a model.

Meshi has made a powerful impression due to her charm, big eyes, and energetic smile. The girl in police uniform captures many hearts on the Internet.

Netizens always send big love to the police queen from Israel. After becoming popular and gaining certain success on social networks, her Instagram page successfully attracts a large number of followers: There are now more than 32k followers on her page.

Meshi 2
Her sexy beauty captures many hearts across the world.

Meshi seldom reveals her daily life to the netizens and viewers. It is rumored that she has joined the police force in 2015 and starts working at a local police station. In October 2019, she made her followers surprised to hear that she quitted the job to start a new career.

Meshi has now worked as a photo model. On her private page, she often posts her sexy bikini photos or check-in ones. She has been invited to many events and become a model for many fashion brands.

Model Love
Meshi and her boyfriend reveal their sweet moment on Instagram.

Meshi first revealed the images of her boyfriend in early 2020. The beautiful model loves sharing her sweet moments along with her lover on the internet. The couple has traveled to many places in the world and enjoys their romantic relationship.

Take a quick look at Meshi Saadon's photos:

Meshi 1

Meshi 3

Meshi 4

Meshi 5

Meshi 6

Meshi 7

Meshi 8

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