After posting the first video, it is mainly about introducing your YouTube channel, Jack Black launched a first gaming video and the game he chose was pinball. Jack Black appears with a bushy silver beard and tries to pump bumpers on the pinball table to achieve the highest score.

Jack Black's first gaming video goes pretty retro

In the first video, Jack Black informed everyone that he will release new videos every Friday starting from 2019. We officially went to 2019 and last Friday, Black kept his promise and posted a video about him playing the game.

Quite surprised by the expectations of many people, Jack Black did not choose games like Fornite or Let’s Play to be the first gaming video. Instead, Black lets people experience the historic game – Pinball and makes people feel like they are having a trip to Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Jack Black's YouTube channel has received more than 2.5 million subscribers within just 2 weeks

Jack Black had always received a lot of love from fans when he was a comedian and musician. And now, when he announced he would become a YouTuber and regularly uploaded his videos on the channel every week, his fans also very welcomed and waited for Jack Black's products. Typically, only 2 videos of short duration that have been posted on Black's YouTube channel in the past have earned him 2.6 million subscribers, and this number is likely to increase. The first video with the aim of introducing his YouTube channel reached 1.2 million views

The video is edited and completed very well, it is not too long but still brings joy and laughter. Well, it's Jack Black, he never disappoints people in bringing laughter and entertainment. Perhaps in the near future, Jack Black will experience actual and modern video games in his next videos.

A House with a Pin in it's Balls