Jack Black star is known as a film actor, musician, and even a streamer of the game on the Internet. According to recent information, Jack Black has created a new channel on YouTube, which is called Jablinksi Games. Surprisingly, this channel has attracted more than 1 million YouTube subscribers after only nearly a week. This number continues to double and hit the subscriber mark of more than 2.1 million after a few days.

American actor, comedian, musician Jack Black has launched his YouTube channel on gaming with the fast growth

Jack Black wrote some introduction sentences for his new channel on YouTube. “I am proud to announce the launch of my new channel, Jablinksi. This channel will have games, food, and life,” wrote he.

In addition, Black also recorded a very brief video clip which lasts only 28 seconds to talk about Jablinksi gaming channel. According to him, he would make his own channel surpass the giants on YouTube like Ninja and even PewDieDie.

This 28-second video has attracted the total views of almost 6.4 mill, meanwhile, his second video to announce that his channel already achieved a mark of 1 million subscribers has had more than 5.1 mil views. Shortly, his channel has 11.5 million views in total for only two videos which last only 77 seconds.

Currently, many people are still wondering how big this channel will grow in the coming time. Despite the notice of Comic Book that it analyzed that Jack Black’s channel will achieve a new milestone in the number of subscribers when reaching 1 billion after six months from its launch, according to the website's tracking results in YouTube analytics projects.

The Jablinksi channel of Jack Black is still on the path to reach other big things. They will soon be seen in videos that he is planning to post every Friday on his channel.