Bollywood has never been an easy place for the newcomers, including both the ordinary ones to the descendants of famous stars. Apart from the difficulties that the starlets have to overcome with their first entrance, there are also a lot of comparisons between them as well. Of course, the recent Bollywood star kids that have just debuted including Ananya Panday, Sara Ali Khan, and Janhvi Kapoor are the most frequently-mentioned ones recently.

Janhvi Kapoor Compared Sara Ali Khan Ananya Panday
From left to right: Sara Ali Khan - Janhvi Kapoor - Ananya Pandey

Since they debuted very close to each other, they are often the targets of discussion and comparisons. All of them provide their different beauty to the B-town, but since some of them got different levels of attention, their futures are often compared with each other. But Janhvi Kapoor doesn't afraid of that!

Janhvi Kapoor Compared Sara Ali Khan Ananya Panday
Janhvi Kapoor is not bothered by those comparisons

The daughter of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi is very confident on what she could showcase to the public, and Janhvi has expressed her faith to an interview recently. Let's find out with Gurugamer below on how confidently Janhvi Kapoor is below:

Janhvi Kapoor on being compared with Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan: "I know what I have to offer"

Janhvi Kapoor is the daughter of the famous Bollywood director Boney Kapoor and the actress Sridevi. She didn't only inherit the ethereal beauty from her mother but also the experience that an actress needs from her father, and that's why her debut movie - Dhadak (2018) is a commercial success with scoring 110.11 crore INR globally.

Janhvi Kapoor Compared Sara Ali Khan Ananya Panday
Janhvi Kapoor has found her first success with Dhadak in 2018

Even though the movie received negative reviews, Janhvi's acting still gained a lot of praise - just like what Ananya Panday has experienced with Student of the Year 2 and Sara Ali Khan with Kedarnath. And since all three of them have achieved their award of Best Female Debut, there sparks a lot of discussion on their futures.

However, those discussions only brought Janhvi more motivation to do even better in the future. In a recent interview, Janhvi Kapoor has revealed how she has been doing after one year of debuting in Bollywood amidst endless comparison with other famous star kids.

Janhvi Kapoor Compared Sara Ali Khan Ananya Panday
The daughter of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi knows what make her special!

"I know what I have to offer" - Janhvi confidently affirmed. She further explained that neither comparisons nor competitions are obstructing her on her way to find her success in the B-town. In fact, they only gave her more motivation to work harder, and she admires how other actresses like Ananya and Sara have been making their unique decision with their career.

Janhvi Kapoor Compared Sara Ali Khan Ananya Panday
Those rumors only make her stronger!

At the same time, the newly-debuted actress also asserted that she knows what is unique about herself that she could offer to the public, and that makes Janhvi feel safe. Janhvi also knows about the aspects that she can work on to develop, and didn't forget to express her gratitude to be able to work in such a favorable environment Bollywood is.

"There is enough space for everyone to co-exist" - the beautiful starlet concluded.