Despite being known as a Japanese photo actress with a sweet look, Arakawa Mae, aged 26, makes many of us shocked by her obsession with insects – the creature almost all of the girls want to keep themselves away as far as possible.

Japanese Actress Eat Insects
Arakawa Mae and her collection of butterflies.

Instead of normal pets like dogs or cats, Arakawa Mae has reportedly raised over 300 insects including crickets, cockroaches, and many other insects at home. However, she doesn’t just want to see them but she also intends to eat some as snacks. How strange the girl is!

Jp Girl Bugs
She is known as a nurse and a photo actress in love with insects.

Japanese media reports reveal that the 26-year-old girl turns out to be a nurse. She has just started her own career as a photo actress after her hot body and sweet appearance was discovered. Many also feel impressed by her passion for insects as viewing insect-related photos she has shared on many social platforms.

Mae Eat Insects
Do you want to try an insect ice-cream? Contact her.

Netizens are curious about her hobby, and some even asked Arakawa Mae why she loves insects, instead of other lovely creatures or conventional hobbies. They may get a big surprise as she replied that she doesn’t only keep them as pets, but she also eats them as snacks.

Insects Girl

Love Insects

Nurse Insects

According to a report, Arakawa Mae has got fame after joining on the variety show “Australia”. Until now, she has turned about 50 various bugs into her meals.

She even ate scorpion and drank a special tea that was made from dried dung of silkworm. The “cuteness” of the insects such as crickets and cockroaches just urges her appetite.

When being asked about the taste of cockroaches, she revealed that the Dubia cockroaches reminded her of the taste of shrimp. Anyway, there may be no girl, or even boy, who wants to give a try on her yummy meals.