Rika Hoshimi, born in 1990, is one of the veteran names in the Japanese entertainment industry since 2005. After 6 years of working as a model, she suddenly switched to doing adult films in 2011 under Muteki Studio. She later moved to IdeaPocket and Million production before announcing her retirement at the end of 2016.

Rika Hoshimi 1
Rika Hoshimi started out as a model

In mid-2019, Rika Hoshimi made a comeback to the entertainment industry, but not in pornography. Currently, Rika focuses on working as a model, as well as creating Youtube content and chatting with fans.

Rika Hoshimi 2
She's now retired from the adult entertainment industry

Most recently, Rika Hoshimi shared the story of her life with fans. She talked about the reasons for joining the adult entertainment industry, better known as the Japanese Adult Video scene. According to Rika, when she was a photo model at the age of 15, she found this field interesting. However, the modeling world is harsh and rejects fast. Rika also had no time for herself because she is too busy.

Rika Hoshimi 3
Rika found modeling very exhausting

After 3 years of relentless work, she decided to stop her career in the modeling industry. At this point, Rika chose to study public relations. She then worked at a hotel when received an offer to switch to doing JAV.

Rika Hoshimi 4
She joined the JAV scene after a long consideration

At first, Rika Hoshimi felt very scared and embarrassed. She felt the people who made the offer were very intimidating and decided to refuse. Despite that, they still cling to her. At the same time, Rika understood the possible family feud if she chose to join the AV industry.

Rika Hoshimi 5
Rika ended all relations with friends and family, even her lover

After a long time of consideration, Rika changed her mind. She felt she was not doing well enough to pursue a career in what she was studying. In that gloomy prospects, the then young girl chose to rest her destiny in the hands of the industry.

Rika Hoshimi 6
Now she's one of the most popular faces in the industry

Rika Hoshimi even took it a step further. She decided to cut off relations with her family and delete all the phone numbers of her friends and relatives. Even her boyfriend, after learning this news, thought her decision crazy, and the two broke up after only 3 months.

Rika Hoshimi 7
Rika has made up with her family

Yet, Rika shared she doesn't regret this decision. She has become one of the prominent faces in Japan's adult entertainment industry and made peace with her family.

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