The idea of ​​eating snacks made from insects was introduced worldwide just a few years ago.  This May, a Japanese company seeks to popularize this food. According to the announcement from MUJI, the company will be selling cricket biscuits on its online shopping channels and stores from May 20. This unusual product is created to combat environmental issues as well as global food scarcity. 

Cricket biscuits, cricket bread, etc. have been around for ages

In some countries like Laos or Cambodia, insect-made snacks are not too strange. They are even considered a national dish. However, in most parts of the world, eating insects is not really a thing. Although according to many scientific studies, the nutritional content of insects is significantly high compared to conventional food. This causes a number of food and snack brands to begin researching completely new products whose main ingredients are crickets.

scorpion lollipop
In the US, Hotlix once launched a chocolate scorpion lollipop.

In 2017, a bakery chain in Finland introduced to its customers a unique cake made from the dried cricket powder. Bread has a protein content of 1.3 to 2 times higher than that of regular bread.

Roberts Bakery Crunchy Cricket Loaf 2
Now you can buy bread made from 336 crickets each

It is clear that crickets seem to be a new ingredient for baking, which will likely create a trend in the future. Therefore, Japanese company MUJI launched its cricket cracker with a view to becoming the pioneer in insect food.

Is cricket cracker good?

According to MUJI's ad, the cracker is rich in nutrients and tastes like shrimp flavor. Besides, the company also said that using crickets leaves little impact on the environment and reduces production costs. 

Muji Cricket Ric
A pack of MUJI cricket crackers

We must wait until 20/5 to fully evaluate this new cracker’s taste, but no one can deny the benefits that such ingredients bring. Crickets contain more protein, iron, minerals, etc than your conventional meats. The baking process also emits fewer greenhouse gases. Plus, insects don’t take long to grow. The duration from when it was born to harvest time is only about 35 days. Crickets mainly eat cereal, but they’re still omnivorous so you can feed them leftover.

Muji Cricket Ric
In the long run, many experts see insects as the solution to global food security, replacing the food source from cattle.

Insects as food in India

Eating insects is not a new thing in India. It’s has been around for ages, and some even become the country’s staples. 

eesal in Tamil Nadu
The famous Essal in Tamil Nadu
red-ant chutney made by the Gond tribals of Chhattisgarh
Red-ant chutney made by the Gond tribals of Chhattisgarh