The famous Japanese professional Fortnite player “RizArt” just uploaded a clip (in Japanese) on his own youtube channel revealing a secret of himself that he chose to hide from the community. But not anymore.

RizArt became famous internationally in November 2018 when he set a world record for the most kills in a Solo game. And at that time he claimed to be 12 years old. After that, RizArt’s clips on his youtube channel about his achievements and highlights have gained him even much more fame than his starting point.

However, as the number of viewers following him rises dramatically, he decided to upload a clip telling the truth about his age. Although he claimed to be 12 years old, in this apologizing clip, he admitted he was 16 actually. Instead of attending elementary school, as RizArt claimed, he’s now in his first year of high school. He said that he couldn’t continue in secrecy and had to reveal his true age to the community. His action of lying about his age in the beginning was for the aim of quickly raising the number of viewer for RizArt himself.

Originally, the Fortnite community and his online friends assumed that RizArt was younger because of his high-pitched voice and appearance. He chose not to correct them, though.

“I’m very sorry to have not been telling everyone the truth,” RizArt said, revealing that he’s actually 16 years old.

“For this long period of time, I haven’t been able to tell my viewers the truth, and for that I am deeply sorry,” RizArt said. “I don’t hope that you’ll soon forgive me. However, I will donate three months of my earnings to charity, and I have also decided to shave my head.”

RizArt is a part of the up-and-coming team Crazy Racoon, which is set to compete at the ESL Katowice Royale 2019. This tournament, taking place from March 1 to 3, will feature a $500,000 prize pool and some of the biggest names in Fortnite.

At the end of the clip, he made a vow for proper manner actions from now on, as an apology and an effort to regain the lost trust from his fan. As a result, the community received this news with positivity. In the comment section of the video, the comments are positive. Some even complimented him for his honesty and claimed to support him, no matter how old he is.