When it comes to offbeat and sexy trends, Japanese netizens have never failed to take the world by storm with their bold and creative ideas. Recently, Japanese girls have once again set the internet on fire with their latest trend ‘wear or bare’, putting their casual and ‘fewer clothes’ looks into comparison. The winner who gets the most likes will be awarded a big prize. In fact, this challenge is not only created for fun. In fact, the winner of this challenge has soared up into a hot influencer on the internet, gaining whopping followers.

Take a look at the hottest photos of Japanese girls who took part in this sultry challenge!

Japanese girls sexy
The challenge was attended by hottest social stars in India including Jun Amaki
Screenshot5 1596378078478540817048
This girl is hot in every way

Screenshot6 1596378112979917909638

From hot models, social stars to cosplayers, many Japanese girls took part in the challenge, taking everyone by surprise with their impressive look. While they look adorable and elegant in casual clothes, these stunners completely sweep everyone off their feet with bold bikini pics. Keep scrolling down for more hot photos of them:

Screenshot8 15963782828941112246015
This girl is one of those who hit most likes
Photo 1 1596378206885679839437
This girl looks as sweet as a high school student in that dress but never shies away from going bold in bikini
Some people doesn't need to show their face to hit lakhs of likes
Photo 2 15963782172641250511080
Be honest, is there anyone who can keep their eyes away from the left photo?

Screenshot7 1596378165103499644110

Photo 1 1596378215702168985771

Photo 1 15963782599261475079409

Photo 1 15963783397291906219809

Photo 1 1596378343509431468390

Photo 1 1596378547845961753734

Photo 1 15963785389171278071820

Above are hottest pics of Japanese girls in the 'Wear or Bare' challenge, who do you think is the hottest one? Let's us know by leaving your opinion in the comment section below.

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