Some Japanese students have now been even better at earning money than college students. Yes, that’s true. The rapidly increasing development of the Internet has brought countless chances for anyone who pursues fame or money in many various ways. And these students are not an exception!

In recent days, “Summer” – a TV station in Japan has made an interview with two students, one elementary school student, and one junior high school student, who allegedly managed to earn money from blog advertisements. A lot of topics have got great interest from network communities across the world. And what these students choose to aim at are sharing their learning experiences and campus diaries. It takes as a surprise that junior high school students have earned up to 2 Lakh Yen (about Rs 1.42 Lakh) per month – the income is even higher than that of many college graduates.

Japanese School Kids

However, some mothers have felt worried about how their children spend money, as well as whether they distract from their studies or not. At least, these mothers should feel happy about their kids’ ability to make money!

In an interview, Tarchin who is known as a 6th-grade student, reveals that block advertisements have brought him about 10,000 yen per month (about Rs7,000).

For those unknown, the income of those who earn money thanks to blog advertisements like Tarchin comes from the number of purchases and clicks of network users.

As a primary school student, Tarchin has had some certain advantages. For example, many feel excited about how primary school students approach education. Some even utilize what Tarchin shares as a helpful reference to teach their children.

He mainly focuses on topics relating to learning. In one of his articles, Tarchin gives a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of bank books. For senior students, they have more serious topics to discuss. For example, listing a series of review methods that must never be forgotten. Many elementary school students even share why they hate going to school!

Last summer, Tarchin began to create his own blog. He also learned to play Twitter. Of course, he didn’t forget YouTube! He is planning to save money to pay high school fees!

Japanese Young Boy Using Laptop

While Tarchin is having fun with his earnings, his mother has had another concern: She is afraid that bad guys may kidnap the son or affect him negatively. On the other hand, she feels happy that Tarchin is willing to focus on something interesting.

She also expresses her concern when seeing the boy working with the computer late into the night. In spite of that, she also wants to cheer him up.

Hayato in the second interview is a 15-year-old boy. He revealed his monthly income reaches 200,000 yen (about Rs142,000). Despite also operating a blog, Hayato focuses on various topics that are different from Tarchin. He likes writing about the outlook on life and business philosophy. It is obvious that his readers are different from those of Tarchin. Their ages range from 15 to 18.

Amongst his topics, Hayato also sets up such questions as to whether a high education is necessary for the next era or not. That’s not all. He is always willing to give his own point of view. Or in another article, he shares how he tries to change the school rules.

He points out that his school has had lots of unclear rules about hairstyles and as a result, students may suddenly feel shocked when being criticized by teachers. He believes that the school rules should be provided more clearly so that both teachers and students can apply them more comfortably.

How Hayato does to change the vague rules at his school is becoming a member of the student union. He finally manages to amend rules of hairstyle.

In terms of his motivation to make money, he reveals that he just wants to earn money by himself. He rapidly shared his own photos and activities on the blog and felt recognized by society.

Hayato’s mother has had similar concerns as Tarchin’s mother. She said Hayato initially planned to write a blog instead of studying. Of course, she didn’t agree with him. However, after that, Hayato changed. He studied and wrote a blog at the same time. Finally, his mother also decided to support the son.

Hayato hopes to be a young businessman in Silicon Valley in the US. Therefore, he chose a high school that is famous for both technology and science, and more impressively, he paid his tuition on his own.

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