We all know those John Wick films' fighting scenes which are kinda a weird balance between otherworldliness and reality. There are very capable fighters pair with those unexpected settings, just like a Chinese god hanging out in the bathroom of the gas station. Still, you could sense the realism and clumsiness in these scenes that make them feel so real to us.

Of course, the center of all these fights is Keanu Reeves. But the mastermind behind them is Chad Stahelski - the director of the films. He has a stunt performer background, he even played as the stunt double for Keanu before in the Matrix before. So surely he has lots of knowledge about action movies and has used that for those amazing fighting scenes in the John Wick films that we have seen.

John Wick 3 - Parabellum will also be full of that goodness. In a recent interview, Chad has shared with us how he has created four of the best fighting scenes.


So John broke the rule of The Continental hotel by killed a person the ground of the hotel, then they placed a bounty of $14 million on the head of John. Because of that, all the assassins in the city went after John.

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The case leads to the horse stable in Central Park where a big fight broke out.

The idea:

Chad loves big open spaces, big building, and also the production design of the stuff. So one day when the director walking in Central Park, he asked the guy in charge of the location where people keeping all the horses. The guy answered that they have a stable in the Park. And the director set out to see the stable.

The stable is a big brick building full of horses and according to the director, it is like those apartment buildings on Fifth Avenue. Chad loves the place and he thinks it would be cool to have that in the film. So even before they even have the script these are already the scene where John runs into the Central Park stable.

Then Chad set out the research about what kind of horse stunts that he could do. And finally, they arrived with "death because was kicked by a horse".


While on the run for life, John happens to find himself in an antique store full of ancient weaponry. He found a disassembled and very old gun. To fight for his life, he managed to repair the gun and fire a shot from that gun. Then they went into the knife room. The attackers and John began to hurl various sharp things at the opponent. In the end, a guy got stabbed in his eye. That got to hurt.

John found a disassembled and a very old gun. To fight for his life, he managed to repair the gun and fire a shot from that gun.

The idea:

Chad got the idea for the antique gun scene from his love for the classic title of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. In that film, there was a scene where Eli Wallach assembles the gun. Moreover, he also loves the setting in those antique shops. In fact, he has spent a good amount of his time in those antique store around the city. So the plot is John Wick goes to a store and find this old disassembled gun.

That how we got the start of the scene. Then Chad went out to the range to shoot guns. After that, he also throws some knives. He thinks that it is quite fun. And that where he came up with the idea of John and his attackers throw knives at each other. The assassins and John throw knives to the other and finally a knife stick to the eye of a guy. And surely, in the end, John won that small "snowball" fight.


Then John went to Casablanca to ask for Sofia's help. And just like John, she also likes dogs and has been keeping a pair with her all the time. John and Sofia then went to The Foundry where they found themselves surrounded by enemies on all sides. The pair must fight their way out of that, and the pair of dog of Sofia proved to be really useful.

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John went to Casablanca to ask for Sofia's help

The idea:

Chad loves dogs. He already wants to include them in this film long ago but couldn't because lacking a good trainer. Then he found Andrew Simpson, who was in charge of those wolves in Game of Thrones.

So Chad has explained his idea to get the dogs to know that it is playing to various trainers because that the only way they could incorporate them into the scene of John Wick. But most trainers answered to him that they could not make that happens. Then he met Andrew Simpson, and he said that he could make that happens.

Then Chad went out on a trip for a whole year across the county to pick up five dogs of Belgian Malinois breed. He particularly has chosen that breed because they are the most aggressive and intelligent they found. All of them were about 1 and 1.5 years old at the time. Then in the next 11 months, they trained the dog to be able to perform in front of the cameras.

They have trained the dog that they will come after the green toy, but it was too dangerous, so we pulled that method off. Then Andrew took over with his training method. He trained the dogs for five whole months. In that time, Keanu and Halle Berry have to be with the dogs too. So to everyone who will be on the film set or get close to them in the filming process. The dogs have to be familiar with the smell and scent of everyone for them to be able to be in front of the cameras.

At last, they were able to complete the scene with the dogs, thanks to the amazing preparation and hard work of everyone.


So the film proceeds, we came to the scene where John refused the order of The High Table to kill The Continental's owner - Winston. Conflict broke out. They threw all they have at Wick, even those full armor soldiers.

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Then John took down those soldiers at close range then moved in.

The idea:

According to Chad, they designed the guys at The High Table to be the next level. In this scene, John does all kind of stuff like throwing, grappling,  Aiki-jūjutsu, and then there are even Aikido. So they need different types of enemies for John. From 8 feet tall Boban Marjanovic to Ruhian and Arif Rahman who are okay and 5 feet tall. They also had Dacascos, basically a ninja with his sword. There is also those motorcycle guys and those underwater guys as well.

Then they decided not to go with gunfire vs those guys from The High Table. Because they think that would be boring. So they decided to go with bullets boxing. It likes John to punch them with bullets. But then they don't die and then he has to go back and punch them in their weak spots.

And the body armor suits came from a visit of Chad to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He saw some cool armor suit and decided to lets the guys wear them. He thinks that the fight between John and armored guys would be just like those old time sword fights.