Currently, Joker has been a huge hit at the theater all over the world. So far, the movie is on track to reach the level of profit that huge franchises like Avenger: Endgame has, which is actually a huge surprise. At the time this article was written, Joker has earned a record of $747 million worldwide, and with plenty of time left on its release, it’s a given that the movie would surpass Deadpool and its sequel.

Joker 2019 Movie Joker Hd Wallpaper Preview
Another portrayal of Joker, much different than that of Suicide Squad

The success of a superhero movie is not a surprise, as after the success of Marvel and DCs, every movies that were released by them, however bad they are, would at least break even in the box office. The best amongst Marvel movies, Avengers: Endgame has even managed to become the biggest movie of all time. So how could Joker catch up with such a juggernaut? The secret lies in its modest budget, as the movie cost so much less than its Marvel counterpart.

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker has some similarities with The Dark Knight's version of the character

According to experts, the Joker movie is estimated to make a total profit of about $464 million dollars from theatrical, TV sales and home entertainment. At the end of this weekend, Joker would probably break pass the $825 million line, with the potential to pass $900 million in the total worldwide box office by the time it's over. Once everything is set, the profit this movie made would be pretty close to Endgame’s $500 million.

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There has been a lot of actors on this role

The reason behind this is that the Infinity War was much more expensive than Joker, at both marketing costs and production budgets. While Endgame grossed a total of over two billion, the $500 million total spend cut far more into the movie’s profit than that of Joker. In the case of the DC movie, it only cost about $300 million on making and marketing the movie.

Currently, Joker is the 8th biggest movie this year, successfully broken the record to become the most successful R-rated movie of all time. Overall, it is the 6th most successful movie from DC Comics. It is very likely that the movie would overtake Wonder Woman this weekend to claim the 5th place behind Aquaman, The two Dark Knight movies, and Dawn of Justice.

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