It is reported that after a competitive auction, the right to turn Just Dance – a video game developed by Ubisoft – into a live action movie.

For some reason, Hollywood tends to get back to live adaptation for video games, from the upcoming film Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the Angry Birds Movie 2, and joining the long list of video game adaptations will be Just Dance.

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Like the aforementioned, the bidding process was highly competitive. Eventually, Sony’s Screen Gems are the last one standing and will face the challenge of making a live adaptation for the not so narrative-based video game. However, the basic background for the movie will be some sort of dystopian world where the “universal language of dancing” can be used to unite everyone.

Olive Bridge Entertainment and Ubisoft Film and Television will be co-producing the film. Margaret Boykin and Jason Altman will produce for the Ubisoft Film and Television and Jodi Hildebran and Will Gluck for Olive Bridge Entertainment.

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Though Gluck is known as the Golden nominee for his previous directing of Easy A, Friends With Benefits, Annie and the recently Peter Rabbit, it has been reported that he won’t be taking on the task of directing the film.

As stated by Kaz Hirai in CES – Sony CEO and infamous Ridge Racer enthusiast – an initiative is being undertaken to benefit a property on multiple platforms, in this case, Just Dance in the video game and the movie industry.

Since there are approximately 120 million Just Dance players worldwide, it is rumored that the movie adaptation will probably feature several celebrity artists such as Shakira, Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, and The Chainsmokers.

All in all, it is expected in the next few years that many video games will have their own movie adaptations. Let’s hope that movie makers can successfully conjure up a plot that fits the video game settings.