Yesterday, we've announced you about England's crown heir - Prince Charles tested positive for Coronavirus, and only less than a day, the Internet is filled with memes on the old pics of the event when Prince Charles interacted with the Indian singer Kanika Kapoor.

If you haven't heard about it yet, Kanika Kapoor is now the target of criticism from Indians now after she sneaked through airport customs not reporting her travel schedule in London, and tested positive for Coronavirus afterward.

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
Kanika Kapoor is under heavy fires from Indian netizens

And the Internet needs no time to find the hilarious interaction between these two new infected, and don't forget to mock Kanika again for her reckless action. Let's have a look at how people are reacting to their interaction below.

But before that, let's see how Indian celebrities are clapping and showing their supports for the staff working in the frontier fighting Coronavirus here:

Netizens dug up throwback photos when Kanika Kapoor met Prince Charles

Only one day after Prince Charles' test for Coronavirus resulted positive, Indian netizens immediately found their times to dig up the photo of the Indian singer Kanika Kapoor meeting with Britain's crown heir. To be more specific, it was a royal event taking place in 2015, in which Kanika Kapoor had her chance to shake hands and had a little talk with the Prince.

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
Kanika Kapoor met Prince Charles in a royal event in 2015

The photos show exactly what could expose you to Coronavirus when interacting with the infected ones. Hence, it couldn't be a better chance for the netizens to mock Kanika's reckless action again, as well as showing support for Prince Charles in the fighting with Coronavirus.

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
Shaking hands and not wearing masks are the things that can expose you to Coronavirus

"Now we know how Prince Charles got Coronavirus" - one user said. Of course, it's only a meme, since this meeting occurred in 2015, and had no relation to the Prince Charles' getting infected. Putting Kanika Kapoor on fire a little more, another user wrote: "Kanika Kapoor is surely taking the world by storm."

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
They're only some old pictures, there's no way does Kanika Kapoor spread the virus to Prince Charles or vice versa

But the most hilarious one is "Kanika Kapoor feeling #POSITIVE with Prince Charles". On another story, Kanika Kapoor was tested positive for Coronavirus thrice by now.

Will Kanika Kapoor be penalized for her actions?

The Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor is the center of the national criticism from Indians now with her reckless action that might expose the entire country to Coronavirus disease. You can find our previous article on the whole 'journey' of her here, but below is the short summary.

In particular, Kanika Kapoor returned to India from London on March 15. At that time, she hasn't shown any infected symptoms, but still decided to avoid airport customs and not informing about her past schedule in London. After landing on India, she also didn't quarantine herself right after, but has attended multiple parties, with the most outstanding one at a 5-star hotel in Lucknow.

Kanika Kapoor Prince Charles Coronavirus Old Pictu
Kanika Kapoor has made Vasundhara Raje and her son - MP potentially the F1 spreader

And by the time she was tested positive for Coronavirus, the singer has potentially spread the virus for at least 160 people interacting with her throughout the three parties. But according to her father, that number is much higher - around 350-400 individuals.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus 7
That clarifies why Indian are criticizing Kanika Kapoor that much

With such reckless and dangerous action, Kanika has violated the Indian Penal Code (Section 188, 269 and 270 to be more specific). The Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow has filed a complaint on Kanika, but there is still yet any specific information on her potential penalty. For now, the most severe punishment is the hatred words from the town.

The Coronavirus outbreak is still running rampant in India, so Gurugamer will help you get through the upcoming lockdown days with the most updated information as well as game recommendation for you. Enjoy!