Porn star Kendra Lust has released the madness amongst the netizens across the world after she sent a happy birthday wish on Twitter to James Rodriguez - the handsome football star of the Real Madrid club.

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It has been two years since this porn star and James Rodriguez started to follow each other on this famous platform. At that time, the football star had just said goodbye to his ex-wife Daniela Ospina.

Accordingly, on social media, the netizens have rumored that Rodriguez may be sexually attracted by the 41-year-old porn star Kendra Lust.

A few days ago, Kendra Lust posted a new tweet as below: "Happy birthday @jamesrodriguez hope it was a good [party emoji]!"

Porn Star Kendra Hpbd

Fans of both immediately caught that moment and a series of questions relating to the couple’s hints have been given. One said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Meanwhile, another Twitter user revealed that James Rodriguez has allegedly got a crush on Kendra Lust, and the couple has followed each other on both Twitter and IG. This user also implied that there may be something between these two stars.

And another fan confirmed that their relationship has possibly lasted two years since 2018.

For those unknown, the porn star Kendra Lust is in a marriage with Charles Cleve Mason - a police officer. In 2018, she once tagged the Colombian star Rodriguez in her twerking video.

Kendra Lust
The 41YO porn star looks so stunning.

Kendra Lust started to enter the adult entertainment industry in 2012. At that time, she worked as a webcam girl and a stripper. To get more specific, her career as a stripper helped her pay tuition fees at college.

After graduation, the sexy porn star became a nurse and before working as a director, she joined up to 120 adult movie projects.


Back to the Real Madrid star, Rodriguez divorced Daniele two years ago and put an end to their close relationship after 6 years of marriage. Also, he has dated the Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima for 2 years. Back in summer 2019, their first son Samuel was born via a surrogate.

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