We all understand that this is a complicated time for everyone on the face of the Earth as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grow. But what happens when someone tries to break out into the “wild” amidst the lockdown? We have the answer for you in the following video. The clip shows Kerala health workers in personal protective equipment and the local police chasing a middle-aged man in the town of Pathanamthitta. The video quickly went viral on the Internet. They have already determined that the “star” in the footage is Pathanamthitta’s native. 

Kerala Health Workers Wearing Ppe Kits Chase Man caught
The man was chased and captured by health officials

As reported by the Indian Express published earlier, the man was riding a bike while not wearing protective gear like a helmet or a mask. He was stopped by the local police force during a random check on the people crossing St. Peter’s junction. As it turned out, the man in the video had just come home from Riyadh three days ago and didn’t follow the quarantine requirement. Therefore, the on-site authority decided that he had violated the regulation. 

When the man refused to return home and perform quarantine as required, he strictly refused. The police then had to call for support from health officials. When he saw four health workers with full PPE kits arrived at the spot, the man tried to escape. He was recorded running on the streets by the camera. He was finally nabbed by the officials and then carried to the Kozhencherry Government Hospital in an ambulance. It is reported that he fled home quarantine time after having a fierce argument with family members. 

Covid Temp Test Kerala Health Workers Wearing Ppe Kits Chase Man
It's advised that people strictly follow the government's instruction to combat COVID-19

It’s easy to comprehend why Kerala officials take the quarantine requirement so seriously. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state has risen up to 5,522 on Monday. According to the Union Health Ministry, 3,000 people have recovered from the virus, while over 2,200 more remain active. 25 Kerala citizens have lost their lives to the Coronavirus.