Yesterday, the South Korean administration admitted that they have utterly failed to control the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country. The latest reports have shown over 763 infected case in Korea by this morning, and 7 of them has died because of the virus. And in the middle of the outbreak, a lot of game shows and music programs have been canceled in Korea in concern of the complicated outbreaks.

Fortunately for the League of Legends fans, the Spring Split of Korea's biggest LoL Championship - League Champions Korea - still occurs with some restrictions. However, sad news suddenly stroke, as the gorgeous fan-favorite MC of the show - Kim Min Ah has to absent in the recent match because she was caught with fever symptoms.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 3
The gorgeous MC of League of Legends' Championship in Korea - LCK - Kim Min Ah. Source: InvenGlobal

Of course, the host of LCK does not want to risk anything, so they've immediately sent Kim Min Ah to the hospital for necessary examination to prepare for the worst situation. Let's have a look to see the full story.

League Champion Korea's MC Kim Min Ah sent to hospital in doubt of Coronavirus infection

In today's morning, a lot of Korean outlets have reported that the beautiful MC of League of Legends' championship in Korea - Kim Min Ah has to drop her schedule. The reason is reported that Min-ah has shown some symptoms of fever, including having her body temperature of 37.5 Celcius degree.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 6
Kim Min Ah has shown some fever symptoms. Source: InvenGlobal

To be more specific, MC Kim Min Ah is not only the main aftermatch interviewer of LCK but also the host of the weather section of jTBC's morning show. On her social media accounts, the female MC also admitted that she has experienced a slight fever. As a result, she was immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough examination to find out whether it was due to the Coronavirus or not.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 5
She was immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough examination. Source: InvenGlobal

Min Ah has described her situation:

"I'm not too worry about my body's symptoms, but amidst this situation, it's best to follow the doctor's commands." 

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 4
The beautiful MC stated that her conditions are not that serious. Source: InvenGlobal

The young lady didn't forget to express her sorry for the fans:

"I'm very sorry that I've made you worried. The result of my examination will be published tomorrow" - Min An ended her post.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 7
We'll have to wait until tomorrow for the official result. Source: InvenGlobal

For your information, the LCK Spring Split has been taking place without any audiences appearing at the stadium. The pros, staffs, and reporters taking part in those matches are supervised very strictly to ensure that the virus won't spread through the procedure.

About Kim Min Ah

Date of Birth: 1991

Kim Min Ah is the first Korean celebrity to admit undergoing Coronavirus examination. The case immediately caught the concern of the community, not only because Kim Min Ah is the familiar face of jTBC's morning weather forecast, but also because she's the favorite MC of LCK.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 2
Kim Min Ah is the familiar face for League of Legends fans in Korea and over the world. Source: InvenGlobal

From the beginning, Min Ah was not as loved as other beautiful and experienced MC for League of Legends championships all over the world like 'Sjokz' in North America or 'Candice' in China. Even in Korea, her interviewing prowesses are not highly regarded by fans, since she's very new to the game. At that time, people only appreciate Min Ah for her ethereal looks.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 8
Min Ah (left) is not as famous as her counterparts in NA - Sjokz (middle) and Candice (right)

However, the beautiful MC didn't say any words to fire shot at those hatred comments. Instead, she spent a lot of time practice and broaden her knowledge of League of Legends, as well as practice her interviewing skills, which has resulted in the perfect Kim Min Ah we've got today.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 1
Kim Min Ah has practiced a lot with the game for better interviews. Source: InvenGlobal

It's not exaggerated to say that the beauty of Kim Min Ah has become the mascot of the LCK, and more and more fans are looking forward to the next matches in order to admire their favorite MC appearing on the stages again.

Kim Min Ah Lck Mc Coronavirus 9
We wish the best for Kim Min Ah!

Hopefully, MC Kim doesn't get infected by the Coronavirus, and she will be able to come back to the stage soon!