Lately in the UEFA Champion League's grand final in Madrid, both the players and audiences were bombarded by a surprise blonde bombshell.

That female intruder was Kinsey Wolanski, an American model and actress. After making her daredevil appearance in the CL's final, Kinsey managed to get over a million followers over one night. And to thank her fans, the model has shown her generosity by giving her followers the pictures of her wearing thong swimsuit.

Kinsey Wolanski showed her love for thong bikinis

In the CL's final, Kinsey Wolanski has suited on with a black thong bikini which barely hid any of her deadly curves.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 1
Kinsey Wolanski hopping with excitement on the football field

The American actress later expressed she always enjoyed doing out-of-mind things, and that was her most insane actions so far. After receiving a lot of praise for her beauty in the arousing bikini, she picked up the momentum and showed fans with even more pictures.

Dear fans, you can see some of the best pictures of her in thong swimsuit here:

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 5
She never shied to show her beauty, even in a Portuguese beach

Kinsey looks great in literally any colors.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 2
The actress really likes wearing this kind of bikini

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 6
Her toned figure is even better with a headscarf

A brief biography of Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey Wolanski's full name is Kinsey Sue Wolanski. She was born on August 30, 1996, in Sacramento, California, the United States.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 3
Kinsey Wolanski is the 22-year-old model, actress, and real estate agent

Her beauty came to the spotlight during her trip to Los Angeles. Specifically, she has received an offer to take part in a model audition. Immediately, her stunning looks and glamorous body lines caught the eyes of the producers. From there, her career started to bloomed!

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 7
She fits with any kinds of outfit

The American beauty has been featured in many famous magazines that many women want to get on. These magazines include Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and FHM.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 8
Her beauty is widely recognized

Additionally, Kinsey also got on the frontline of The BLVD Magazine and managed to film two nationwide commercials. She also ranked the 8th position in Miss Jetset 2017 in the west.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 11
With that curves and facial expression, her nominations weren't there for no reason

However, her reputation only started soaring after her daredevil intrusion in the CL's final in Madrid. Kinsey has carefully planned for the night, from disguising with fake beard and caps to get in the match, to hand her phone to a stranger to film the whole footage.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 4
She was forced to get out of the match, but it's worth anyway

After that, her Instagram has flooded with the inflow of over a million followers. That number kept increasing, from 300,000 followers at the start to over 2,6 million! She recently denied that she ever took part in any pornographic content shooting on her Instagram.

However, not for long after her invasion, Kinsey's $50,000-worth Instagram account ended up getting closed. The reason behind the incident hasn't been revealed yet, but the model inferred that her account was hacked.

Kinsey Wolanski Thong Bikinis 12
Her Instagram was hacked, but she managed to get it back!

As the model's dream is to retire at her 30, here are some rare images of the smokingly beautiful figures of Kinsey. Hope you enjoy it!