Handsome Korean YouTuber Shin Tae Il has recently drawn huge attention from the viewers during his latest live stream but maybe no one wants to gain fame like him.

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Korean Youtuber
YouTuber Shin Tae Il - the main character in our shocking story.

The netizens in Korea has just got a big shock and confusion when a YouTuber played with fire weirdly during a live stream. And as a result, Shin Tae Il had to get a bitter end: He suffered a second-degree burn of his sensitive area and was hospitalized.

The painful and partly funny incident took place on August 06 when this male YouTuber organize an online game session with lots of his followers as participants. Because he lost the game, Shin Tae Il got a punishment and the viewers required him to burn his genital within 5 seconds.

Shin Tae Il Korea

Accepting the challenge, this guy wore only white shorts, soaked gasoline around his genital area, and then lit a fire. Of course, the fire immediately broke out violently. Shin Tae Il screamed and ran out of the frame, and then the viewers only heard his groan with the pain while he was lying on the floor.

Korean Youtuber Shin Tae Il

Many felt shocked when watching this total challenge. They said that they never thought that this YouTuber would actually accept the challenge and burn his genitals.

After the incident, Shin Tae Il came under fire because he wasn’t aware of how dangerous his action was. He only knew to accept the challenge and ignore the bad consequence.

His action was shared by an account with lots of followers on one of the top-large social network sites and therefore, many feel anxious that there may soon be similar incidents that may even lead to deaths.

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