When it comes to hottest models of the world over the past few years, Kylie Jenner will be the name to top the list. The 22-year-old models and TV personality do not only make headlines for her stunning appearance but also for being one of the rising female billionaires. She features on the cover of the most famous magazine on earth, walks the ramp for super-luxury brands and every single look of her just casts the spell on us effortlessly.

Kylie Jenner
She is no doubt one of the hottest models on earth

However, this time, Kylie Jenner will leave you in awe not only for her sizzling curves or glamorous makeup look but the utmost natural and ordinary look of her. Today, lete's take a look at the completely different side and also the real side of the hottest model on earth.

Earlier, the hot celebrity was spotted breaking her quarantine to visit her bestie Stasie in a more-like-a-normal-human look of her. These photos took the internet by storm as many people have never seen Kylie Jenner without makeup. Some people even said that the 22-year-old billionaire always looks like she was born with those eyelashes while some others were impressed with the way she sported the comfortable suit instead of a sexy bodycon or bikini.

Before seeing Kylie Jenner no makeup photos, here is what she normally looks like:

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner keeps taking the world by storm with her fancy look and sizzling curves
Kylie Jenner
She is also well known for her glamourous and impressive makeup style

Kylie Jenner without makeup

In fact, Kylie Jenner has revealed her no makeup appearance for more than just 1 time. Be it some rare Instagram pics or a shot from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The Instagram influencer struck a chord among her followers by revealing her bare skin. Even when there are some freckles, her natural skin is still so glamorous and perfect why her body is hot AF! Take a look at her photos right below. And here is the same Kylie Jenner you know, no makeup, no wigs, bare feet, sport suit and a bag of chips:

27424600 8237553 Is That You Kylie Kylie Jenner Lo
Hot model Kylie Jenner looks unrecognizable with her no-makeup appearance
The Single Paty 2020 09 15t100002 599
She was seen in a comfortable suit, carry a bag of chips on the way to her BFF place

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Kylie Jenner no makeup
Kylie Jenner looks like 2 different people when putting her makeup off
The Single Paty 2020 09 15t100300 077
Kylie Jenner unseen off-duty look: no different from a college student
Rs 1024x759 200424125123 1024 Kylie Avocado Pjs
Avocado pajamas instead of a sexy bikini and bodycon
Capture D E Cran 2019 03 26 A 8 01 10 Am 155360169
She stills look gorgeous without makeup
Kylie Jenner Without Makeup 1 1
Taking a pose with her daughter Stormy Web

In case you do not know, Kylie Jenner is one of the most-followed social media influencers on Instagram who racks up 19,5 crore followers and counting. The hottie is quite active on the photo-sharing platform. She usually treats her fans with bold and stunning pics and hit crore of likes for every single post.

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