Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades are two of the hottest names that have taken the adult entertainment industry by storm for years. Today, let’s dig deeper into their lives and see who is the winner in this sexy battle.

Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades
Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades are two of the most famous actress in the adult movie industry

Leah Gotti

Hailing from Sherman, Texas, United States, the sex bomb Leah Gotti is among one of the most sought-after actresses in the AV industry. Upon growing up in a strict household, her decision to enter the pornography industry was a bolt from the blue for everyone. At school, she was always an eminent kid that took part in the wrestling team as the captain, played varsity softball, and ran varsity track annually. After high school graduation, she started her tertiary education at college with a wrestling scholarship. She took the major of biotechnology and a minor in engineering.

Leah Gotti 1

Leah Gotti’s career in the adult entertainment industry started quite by chance. It all comes down to the moment she accepted the offer to participate in the final round of a beauty pageant called Miss Exxxotica as a joke and surprisingly won the first prize subsequently. Following her triumph at the beauty competition were numerous offers in the AV industry

She continues to climb the career ladder throughout the year with a lot of projects with renowned websites and companies including Tushy, Mofos, Evil Angel, and Naughty America,...

Leah Gotti 3
Leah Gotti is the soaring star in the adult movie industry

Leah Gotti 4

Leah Gotti 5

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades has carved a niche for herself in the AV industry via her presence on multiple social media platforms. Born in 1996 in Chicago Illinois, Lana Rhoades underwent a rough childhood and even spent a year in a correctional facility when she was 16. The period in the correction facility was a wake-up call for her. Therefore she became determined in finishing high school and eventually got to Oakton community college. However, she chose to pursue a career in the AV industry at the expense of her tertiary education.

Lana Rhoades 2

Lana Rhoades’s career gradually gathered steam as she moved to LA and started with her first pictorials for Playboy Cyber Girls. She blew up soon after that with her debut that received a lot of positive critics.

Compared to Leah Gotti who has just over 100k Instagram followers, Lana is much more sensational as she has achieved massive clout on social media platforms with over 10 million followers on Instagram. Leah’s estimated net worth also seems to be much smaller than that of Lana, whose net worth is believed to go up to 22$ million.

Lana Rhoades 10

Lana Rhoades 6

Lana Rhoades 3

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