Riot Games, the developer behind the popular MOBA game League of Legends, has recently been sued by a former and a current employee. They claim the company promotes a “men first” working environment. The lawsuit says that even though Riot Games had promised to address the issues of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, it has simply been trying to cover up by performing empty investigations, while wrongdoers don’t have to face any consequence.

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The suit lists various examples of sexism at the company. These range from having female employees perform jobs above their pay grade to sexually objectifying women (allegedly there is an email thread about "Riot Games Hottest Women Employees"). The female employees are also compelled to condone and take part in offensive male humor, which includes jokes about sensitive subjects such as sex, masturbation, defecation, torture, and rape.

Furthermore, the accusers also claim that Riot Games prioritizes hiring "core gamers", who are stereotypically men. According to the suit, this practice is unfair to women. Many were denied a job they are perfectly qualified for simply because the employers don’t consider them “core gamers”. Those who have spoken up against this are regarded as “too ambitious,” “aggressive,” and “annoying.” A male supervisor at Riot Games reportedly said that “diversity should not be a focal point" at Riot Games because, according to this individual, the gaming culture should be "a safe haven for white teen boys."

There are also many specific accusations of sexist behavior including unwanted dick pics that bosses send to employees, an email thread where male employees debate how it would feel to have sex with a specific female employee, and most shockingly, rape. The lawsuit claims that a former male Riot employee was tolerated and remained in a leadership position even though he drugged and raped another employee.

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Jessica Negron, one of the plaintiffs, says in the lawsuit that about 6 months after she entered Riot Games in 2015, her supervisor left and she took over his responsibilities, but did not receive a pay raise. That situation lasted for almost a year. During this period she was repeatedly told that she was under training to officially receive the position. However, she never actually got an interview for the job, and ultimately it was given to a male employee. In 2017, when that employee left the company, Negron asked about the position, but received the answer that there would be no change to her salary or position, even though the man who previously did the same job was promoted and given a salary hike.

Melanie McCracken, the other plaintiff, provided another story: Her supervisor reportedly refused to put women into higher positions, but also tried to stop her from getting senior positions elsewhere. She filed an anonymous complaint to the human resource department, but it was shared with this supervisor, and he confronted her about it. Eventually, she managed to transition to another region, but shortly afterward, the supervisor also took control of that region, and she was again put in the same spot.

According to McCracken, in 2017, after receiving a position that allowed her to work with the top management of Riot, she encountered more trouble with Dan Wang, Riot China’s head of operations. Wang reportedly sent her a footage of himself and Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb at a strip club." Gelb later accused her of leaking sensitive pictures of him. After a long internal investigation, the matter appeared to have been swept under the carpet. However, McCracken’s promotion path came to a stop as she was put aside by the management board.

The suit also claims that the investigation of the issues at Riot Games was inconclusive, and the bad actors did not face any consequences. McCracken reportedly faced heavy stress and anxiety for speaking up against the unethical behaviors of Riot Games.

On the side of Riot Games, the company refuses to go into the details of these accusations but claims that it takes allegations of this nature very seriously. It promises to thoroughly investigate the problems, to ensure that “Riot is a place where all Rioters thrive.”