A new year means a new ranked season in the game League of Legend (LoL), and this usually means a new hope for us as well as for the game itself. Yes, the 8th ranked season in 2018 gave all of us who play the game regularly a costal roller ride of emotion. The game has transformed with meta shaking updates throughout the year, which sometimes made the game into something that even us cant realize with its meta.

However, the year 2018 ended with its ranked season. Let’s put it behind since the 9th ranked season has started. After hyping us up with the new cinematic video called Awaken (which we have reported about), Riot Games – the developer of LoL – has released some major updates for the game for the new season. If you haven’t read the latest updates regarding the game, we recommend that you update that information immediately, since there have been patch 9.1 and patch 9.2 for the game in the 9th season already.

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And if you are not sure about the ranking system of this 9th season? Go no further as we will demonstrate them for you right now: