The sequel is confirmed

Legendary has announced that the sequel of Detective Pikachu has already in the working process even though the first film hasn't been released yet. So we will have two films of Detective Pikachu to waiting for.

Legendary Is Working On The Sequel For Detective P
The cute Pikachu

Following the news from Hollywood Reporter, Oren Uziel will be the guys in charge of the new script of the sequel. Reputation speaking, Uziel is quite the man for this job as his past projects include famous titles like The Cloverfield Paradox and 22 Jump Street. We could also spot his name on the banners of Supergirl film of Warner Bros, Men in Black International and Sonic the Hedgehog the film. However, he hasn't talked much about his vision for the sequel of Detective Pikachu yet.

The first film

Talking about the first Detective Pikachu, we will have Ryan Reynolds plays in the role of a yellow Pokemon who drinks coffee and has a talent for solving the mystery. This yellow Pokemon ( the Pikachu) will accompany a boy named Tim to find the boy's father after his mysterious disappearance. Tim and the Pikachu is a perfect duo as Tim has the ability to understand the latter. However, they are very different in term of personalities which leads to many funny moments.

The cast of the first Detective Pikachu will be included but not limited to Bill Nighy, Ken Watanabe, Kathryn Newton and the young actor who plays Tim -  Justice Smith. The film was directed by the director - Rob Letterman, with the CV of Shark Tale, Captain Underpants, and Goosebumps. They will release the film on the 10th May 2019.

Legendary Is Working On The Sequel For Detective P
Character from the game Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu was inspired by the 3DS game version of the franchise who shares the same name as the film.  Kallie Plagge in a review of the game has given the game 7/10 point, she wrote that even though the way to solve the criminal case is quite limited and all the main stories follow the normal detective formula. The game is very down to earth, funny with silly characters and those things are the main things make this game "fun".