A kid sneakily used the credit card of his parents to spend US$1,200 on in-game purchases on Fortnite game.

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Epic Games' Fortnite

The mother of the child thought the purchases were fraud, before realizing that her son had spent this amount of money buying items on the game. The players can buy various items in the game like gliders, outfits, weapon wraps, and pickaxes in the game.

Some items cost up to US$20 each, which makes collecting a very expensive hobby.

His parents sent an email to Fornite’s company to handle this issue, but they did not receive any response from the company.

Then they filed a lawsuit to the state court. Finally, Epic Games responded to them and refunded all the money for the family.

Epic Games will hardly miss the amount of US$1,200 because its earnings from Fortnite in 2018 reached an incredible high.

Spending out-of-hand money is becoming another worry for little Fortnite players’ parents, besides sexual predators who use chatbox in the game to find their victims.

Spending out-of-hand money is becoming another worry for parents of little Fortnite players

And if those who do not get credit cards of their parents to charge for their spending on game, or want to enjoy some content for free, they can come to the Fortnite Ice Storm live event.

You can have an unlocked new wrap and glider by accomplishing the challenges of the event.

For further information, on January 19, the Fortnite Ice Storm event launched its list of challenges. Accordingly, there were 13 total, with 3 live at that time including (1) Complete Ice Storm Challenges (6) which rewards a new wrap; (2) Destroy Ice Fiends (0/250); and (3) Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion (0/5,000).