The recent controversy over one Hearthstone player’s ridiculous ban statement has made headlines. After the severe ban from Blizzard, many people have shown their stances on the matter. Fortnite’s CEO quickly jumped in and said Epic Games Store fully supports the human's rights to speak. However, the same can’t be said about League of Legends’ owner – Riot game.

Riot Games Advise 01
The League Of Legends publisher wouldn't want to risk their players involving into politics matters

It is better to focus on the game

According to the latest statement from John Needham – a head figure of Riot Games, politics and religion are “sensitive issues”. They belong to each individual’s personal view. Riot Games wants to keep their broadcasts focused on the game, the sport, and the players. This is why they would want their casters and pro players “refrain from discussing any of these topics on air”

Riot Games Advise 02
Riot Games has advised their esports players and casters not to discuss any of these sensitive issues

It makes sense that Riot Games would publicly advise their esports players and casters. League of Legends is having its biggest tournament in the year - 2019 World Championship on air. With millions of dollars on the line and best teams in the world, the event is like The International of LoL.

Obviously, Riot Games wouldn’t want their event ruined by some out-of-the-game matters that do not concern esports. This is an undeserving risk no game publisher would want to incur at this point.

Riot Games Advise 03
The League of Legends publisher wants their players to focus on the game, not politic issues

The move from Riot Games has met with various opinions. Some deemed Riot Games the same as Blizzard when not letting people express their ideas freely. Meanwhile, others commended the move from Riot Games as they wanted their players to take a neutral stance on such issues. After all, League of Legends is all about competitive gaming and not politics.