Many of us might have experienced Lucid Dream at least once. Some said it was such an amazing experience that we should try. Check out what Lucid Dream is and how to lucid dream here with

What is Lucid Dream?

This special dream is a mental phenomenon in which dreamer is aware that he is in a dream. Moreover, he can control the characters and storyline in the lucid dream. It feels like you are living in your virtual world that you build and control. People can use Lucid Dream to access their memory, solve their dreams, and nightmares.

Lucid Dream
In that dream, you create and control everything in your mind

How To Lucid Dream?

Firstly, you need to go to bed and set an alarm for a 6-hour sleep. Then, you get up and try to keep your brain as lucid as possible. Then, you can do everything within 60 minutes after that sleep without sleep again. After an hour, you relax and sleep again. You had better create your virtual world in your dream to make it lively. Besides, you can drink herbal tea, meditate, or listen to music to help you so to sleep better.

Lucid Dream Practice
It is an attractive and exciting experience

Is Lucid Dream Risky?

This kind of dream is a fascinating and totally safe way to experience an amazing virtual world that is created by you. It’s not dangerous if you can control your mind and wake up. Up to now, there has been no record about Lucid Dreamer getting stuck in their dream or do life-threatening actions during the dream.

It's not as dangerous as what you see in the movie Inception

At first, you may feel scared but then you can use Lucid Dream to explore and remove the darkest and scariest corner in your mind. Many people have used it to overcome long-lasting nightmares. In short, the Lucid Dream is an amazing experience that is not dangerous. But you shouldn’t abuse and immerse in this experience and forget the real world. Frankly, everything in Lucid Dream is unreal. It’s only a mental experience.