Beautiful Malayalam actress Malavika Monahan recently updated her Instagram page with straight-up alluring photos no one can resist. She looks like she was getting ready for a beach holiday and the heat she brings can raise even the temperature of sun-kissed sands! Check them out here:

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika simply looks stunningly attractive here, but did you know that she was getting trolled before for being beautiful? But to be honest, trolls don't need any actual reason to harass someone, they can always find a reason if they need one. In India, the trolls love to act all moral and cultured when actresses reveal even just some of their body figure.

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika Monahan Insta

But some actresses like Malavika don't let these trolls demean and degrade them unscathed. They like to give it right back at the trolls with sharp words, and in Malavika's case, more gorgeous photos!

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika Monahan Insta

Malavika Monahan harassed by online trolls!

Last year, Malavika posted a photo of her looking beautiful in a white sleeveless top and denim shorts on Insta. The trolls proceeded to flood her comments section with how she was "inviting perverts" and being against proper "Indian culture".

So, of course, Malavika countered the trolls right back with another sexy photo in the same outfit and pose while looking down. Her caption told the trolls to f*ck off in the most precise and hilarious way possible: "So many comments and opinions about how “a respectable girl should dress”. On that note, here, take one more picture of me sitting very respectably wearing whatever the hell I want to wear :)".

Malavika Monahan hails from Kerala and started her film career with Dulquer Salmaan's 'Pattam Pole'. She became more renowned after her role in 'Petta' which starred Tamil film legend, Rajinikanth. Her next movie, 'Master', is coming out this year where she will be in an important role alongside Tamil star Vijay.

Here are more pix of Malavika that get the trolls upset:

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